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Powered-on and Resilient: 99x Empowering the Digital Ambitions of Global Businesses

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99x | Digital Solutions | Technology Leader

Over the years, 99x has become a technology leader known for co-creating well-engineered innovative digital products for the Scandinavian market. Recognized as one of Asia’s Best Workplaces for many years, its teams of technology and product specialists continue to power the digital future of several organizations, despite the challenges in Sri Lanka. 99x ability to adapt to changing situations has been recognized by its stakeholders. Being a trusted technology partner for its many clients, the company acted swiftly to ensure its teams in Sri Lanka could continue delivering world-class digital solutions with no disruptions.

The resilience of 99x – As shared by its clientele

“Despite the pandemic and political unrest, the team seems unaffected. The effort is unchanged, and we can always rely on the team for reliable deliveries beyond expectations,” remarks Lauren Hoivik, the Head of Product Development at BUS AS and long-standing customer of 99x. Her thoughts are shared by many of the technology company’s customers. Despite working remotely, a strong team spirit paired with proactive planning has allowed the company to ensure the timely delivery of digital solutions to its clients.

From the early days of this crisis, 99x’s stance has been to invest in providing its teams with the resources they need to overcome the challenges brought about by the economic downturn. The company transparently communicated these efforts to its clients to ensure uninterrupted operations. 99x is their trusted technology partner for many of its clients, playing a core role in their value chain. While several stakeholders have stated they’re concerned about the situation in Sri Lanka, they continue to believe in the company’s resilience.

Erik Herje, CTO and Co-founder of Parkly AS, stated, “Due to 99x’s robustness and the ability to plan forward, the employees and our team members have provided the same impressive quality as they have all along.” Jan Petter Hagberg, R&D Operations Manager at SuperOffice AS, a customer of 99x for 15 years, echoed similar thoughts, sharing that the company’s teams have continued to exceed expectations despite power interruptions due to its strong contingency planning.

What 99x did right to navigate this crisis

Universally, 99x’s clients agree that the company has been smoothly navigating through this crisis. For example, when the energy crisis began, the company started supplying UPS units for its affected employees. At the same time, it also set up temporary regional work centers for those working remotely from their hometowns. Through these efforts, 99x aimed to ensure its teams would be unaffected by power interruptions and could continue realizing the digital ambitions of its clients. 

Such proactive planning isn’t new for the technology leader. It was amongst the first to embrace remote working in the early days of the pandemic. The foresight and commitment of 99x’s senior leadership have also been appreciated by its clients. Tone Ringstad, CEO and Founder of Culture Intelligence AS, highlighted the aspects of passion, quality, and self-development that form the company’s culture code as key to navigating these uncertain times. Likewise, Fredrick Byseen, Co-Founder of Driv Kapital and investor of 99x, shared that he has complete confidence in its resilient and committed teams, which was a key factor in their investment decision. 

99x | Digital Solutions | Technology Leader

Resilience has been ingrained in the company culture at 99x. As the company began its journey in 2004, Mano Sekaram, the CEO of 99x, shared, “The ecosystem for young entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka is not the same as it was in the past. Back then, we endured the difficult times acquiring customers as we did not have the support young companies today do.” Fast forward 18 years, it has overcome many hurdles and grown into a technology leader. Although the economic crisis brought a new plethora of challenges, the company swiftly adapted to the circumstances and continues to power the digital ambitions of global businesses.

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