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Dialog Mega Run Allows you to Win Data

In recent times, the popularity of hyper-casual games has exploded. We’ve all played the dime side scrollers like Alto’s Adventure or Subway Surfers and even local variants as well. Seeing this trend, Dialog too decided to ride the wave with Dialog Mega Run.  A hyper-causal game with an interesting twist; players are rewarded with data!

Our quick experience with Dialog Mega Run

As soon as I installed the game, I received a text message saying “Thank you for downloading Dialog Mega Run. 50 MB data has been reimbursed into your account.” Granted, 50 MB doesn’t count for much these days. But first impressions do and this was a good start.

Setting up Dialog Mega Run
Setting up Dialog Mega Run

Afterward, I opened the app and signed up by entering my number along with the PIN Dialog had sent. It should be noted, this should only be done for one device. According to the FAQs, if you sign up on two phones, you may get banned. Once I entered the PIN and entered a username, the main menu appeared and I selected my character.

Dialog Mega Run
Dialog Mega Run has a variety of characters to choose from

You can also choose between a few other options, which include a robot named Mega Robot and Dinesh Chandimal. Once you’ve selected your character, the game begins. The gameplay of Dialog Mega Run isn’t all that different from existing hyper-casual games.

The setting takes inspiration from different locations in Sri Lanka. Your goal is to simply run and collect as many coins as possible while avoiding obstacles like rogue tuk-tuks. When I finally hit one of said rogue tuk-tuks, revival was based on a few options.

These options were to use Dialog Mega Wasana draw numbers, a recharge card, or activating a data package. I had chosen to use my Dialog Mega Wasana draw numbers and got 2 lives. But according to the FAQs, if I had used a Rs. 49 reload then I’d have gotten 4 lives. More importantly, I’d still have that Rs. 49 in my account as usable credit. In the end, my first run ended with a score of 250.

Getting extra data in AR

While the gameplay hardly differs from existing games, what makes Dialog Mega Run interesting is the prospect of getting free data. The game offers this in two ways. The first is daily challenges such as run 100 meters for 1 GB data. The second is by spinning the in-game Mega wheel, which you can encounter randomly while playing.

Alongside, the normal gameplay, you can also play the game in AR. Just tap the AR option on the main menu and scan the Dialog Mega Run logo. Afterward, you should be able to play the game in a manner similar to Pokemon Go’s AR features. Sadly, we found this to be a bit buggy so hopefully, the kinks will be worked out soon.

The verdict

At first glance, Dialog Mega-Run looks like any other hyper-casual game. Run and collect coins while avoiding obstacles. The graphics too are a bit rudimentary and there are some bugs that need to be worked out. Yet, the prospect of getting 100 MB or even 1 GB for playing a game is an attractive one.

Sure, the idea of spending on a recharge card or collecting Dialog Mega Wasana numbers may not be too appealing to gain an extra life. Yet, all mobile games have similar micro-transactions. Therefore, one could say that what Dialog did was make these more accessible.

Especially since the money you spend on a recharge card can be used as credit later on. So if you’re a Dialog customer really wanting some free data, then Dialog Mega Run might be something to check out. It’s available both on Android and iOS.

By Mazin Hussain

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