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20+ Years of Continuous Innovation: hSenid Mobile Introduces WhatsApp Banking to Sri Lanka

Earlier this year, Commercial Bank introduced a WhatsApp banking facility. The first of its kind in Sri Lanka, the service allows the bank’s customers to obtain banking services through the popular messaging app. Behind the scenes, this feat was possible thanks to the efforts of hSenid Mobile, the company with a history of innovation spanning two decades and which has introduced several cutting-edge solutions, including the 2001 launch of SMS banking in Sri Lanka. These solutions have enabled digital transformation for several companies over the years. The introduction of WhatsApp banking is another step by hSenid Mobile to ensure Sri Lankan industries are in line with their global counterparts. 

hSenid Mobile
On the 1st of January, Commercial Bank introduced a WhatsApp banking facility, which was the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and was built by hSenid Mobile

With no sign-ups required, all a person needs to do to use Commercial Bank’s WhatsApp banking facility is to send a ‘Hi’ to the designated number. Its use is not limited to account holders – anyone seeking the bank’s services can utilise it. Commercial Bank account holders can use it to check their balance, view transaction history, request cheque books, etc. Meanwhile, non-account holders can open accounts and obtain information such as fixed deposit and foreign exchange rates. Unlike other traditional channels, all of these services are accessible instantly without customers being kept on hold or being transferred from one agent to another. 

hSenid Mobile has taken the measures needed to safeguard account holders’ sensitive information. Among these is that any queries related to personal accounts require authentication with an OTP sent to a phone number registered with the bank. Balancing security while offering convenience to users is not an easy task. But with 20 years of experience in building advanced technology platforms enabling digital transformation, hSenid Mobile was able to navigate this challenge. 

hSenid Mobile
Dinesh Saparamadu – Founder and Chairman of hSenid Mobile

Sharing his thoughts, Founder and Chairman of hSenid Mobile, Dinesh Saparamadu, said, “We are proud to be the first to bring WhatsApp banking to Sri Lanka. By facilitating banking through WhatsApp, we enable people to conduct vital banking tasks through an extremely comfortable platform. You do not have to be a tech expert to use WhatsApp banking, and so it is open to anyone.”  

The launch of Sri Lanka’s first WhatsApp banking service merely scratches the surface of hSenid Mobile’s achievements. The company has developed a strong track record over the past two decades. In that time, it has garnered a client base consisting of telecom operators, large enterprises, banks, and other entities both at home and abroad. Regardless of which industry the client is from, hSenid Mobile aims to serve as their technology partner. It does so by offering continuous support, data-driven decisions, collaborative strategising, and advanced solutions that open up new markets and facilitate rapid growth. 

hSenid Mobile
The hSenid CPasS platform integrates real-time communication mediums into enterprise apps seamlessly, is another example of the kind of innovative products hSenid Mobile has built over its long history

Among the solutions the company has developed is the hSenid CPasS platform. It is a cloud-based platform that allows enterprise apps to seamlessly integrate real-time communication mediums such as voice, SMS, video, and chatbots. With simple wizards and robust APIs, both techies and non-techies can leverage the platform. Since its launch in 2008, the hSenid CPaaS platform has enabled the creation of innovation ecosystems and identified new income streams for many people. 

hSenid Mobile
With Talito – the promotional and engagement platform by hSenid Mobile, companies can build a more comprehensive consumer network by leveraging both analogue and traditional communication channels

Another example of an innovative platform built by hSenid Mobile is a promotional and engagement tool called Talito. It is a multi-channel engagement platform that incorporates WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Signal, and bulk SMS. Taking the form of a versatile web portal, companies can stay closely connected to their customers to keep them updated on promotions and special offers. By combining both analogue and digital communication modes, Talito allows companies to reach a more comprehensive consumer network. 

The introduction of WhatsApp banking is the latest addition to hSenid Mobile’s long track record of innovation spanning two decades. Looking ahead, hSenid Mobile is working towards augmenting its platforms by incorporating the latest technologies. Already, it is exploring the use of next-generation technologies, including 5G, to enhance consumer engagement and experiences for banks and other enterprises. In doing so, it is carrying on its long-standing history of innovation and pushing digital transformation across industries.

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