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IEEE Techno Meetup 2019: Data Privacy and Data Security

By Arteculate Sep 1, 2019 #meetups
IEEE Techno Meetup 2019

Under the theme Data Privacy and Data Security, the second edition of this year’s IEEE Techno Meetup will take place on the 5th of September, at Microsoft Sri Lanka’s office premises. The meetup will host Kavinga Yapa Abeywardena, lecturer from the Department of Computer Systems Engineering at SLIIT, and Jonathan de La Motte, Account Technology Strategist at Microsoft Sri Lanka.

What’s IEEE Techno Meetup?

IEEE Techno Meetup was launched with the objective of providing knowledge and networking opportunity for undergraduates with industry professionals. Under the program, a meetup series is organized for tech enthusiasts in the field of novel technologies. At the end of this series, IEEE Techno Meetup aims to enlighten these enthusiasts about the latest technologies used in the industry and to motivate and prepare themselves for the technical and managerial issues that they would have to face in the future.

IEEE Techno Meetup 2019

IEEE Sri Lanka Section Student Activities Committee took the initiative of organizing the first IEEE Techno Meetup back in 2017 with the theme, “The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow”. The series rolled-up as five meetups focusing on the tech enthusiasts including industry professionals and undergraduates.

IEEE Techno Meetup 2017 was recognized by IEEE Sri Lanka Section at the IEEE Sri Lanka Section Student/YP/WIE Congress Awards Night 2017 for its industry collaboration in organizing events, reflecting the success of the meetup series in the community.

IEEE Techno Meetup 2019

Following the success of 2017, IEEE Techno Meetup carried on the following as well. The 2018 meetups were no short of enthusiastic students and undergraduates either.

After two successful series of IEEE Techno Meetups, the series returns for 2019 on a grander scale. This year’s edition will include eight meetups in a span of eight months.

The meetup series commenced on the 26th of July with a focus on Industry 4.0 and will continue until next January. some of the focus areas include topics like embedded systems and self-driving cars.

The first meetup was held at Creative Software with the sessions conducted by Asanga Ranasinghe, Founder and Executive Director of STAMPEDE and Dino Corera, Head of Layup and Co-founder of ‘Block & Dino’. Here, the first session revolved around the digital transformation taking place in the industry and the realization of the concept of smart factories. The second session talked about the next generation of work and the startups in the context of the 4th industrial revolution.

IEEE Techno Meetup 2019 | Data Privacy and Data Security

So mark your calendars for the second edition of IEEE Techno Meetup 2019, happening this Thursday at Microsoft Sri Lanka. For more details, visit their facebook page.

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