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EVOLUTION AI is an islandwide ideathon organized by AIESEC at the University of Kelaniya and Informatics Institute of Technology in collaboration with CSSA (Computer Science Students Association) of the University of Kelaniya powered by Mitra Innovation Limited. The main goal of this initiative was to connect young science and technology enthusiasts all around Sri Lanka where it would create a platform for youth to unleash their creativity, innovations, and design knowledge while ensuring that the solutions generated are aligned to the current demands of technological applications.

EVOLUTION AI had over 300+ participants in the preliminary round, 13 teams for the semifinal round, and 6 teams for the final round.  It comprised three rounds and the final round together with the awards ceremony was held with grandeur on the 12th of February 2022 at Lounge 42.  The induction took place on the 13th of December 2021 via zoom and officially the preliminary round commenced. A Q & A session was held for the competitors to resolve their doubts on the case studies provided for the ideathon by Mitra Innovation.  The semifinal round proceeded after choosing 13 teams which were held on the 12th and the 13th of January 2022.

A physical workshop to groom the 6 final teams was held on the 7th of February at Hatchworks premises. Mentors from Mitra Innovation were allocated to assist the teams for the final round.  On the 12th of February, the final round was held with the awards ceremony in the evening.

The 6 finalists were 

  1. Eximus Ruhuna – University of Ruhuna 
  2. Team 5x – University of Moratuwa 
  3. Cicada – University of Kelaniya 
  4. Mastermind- University of Kelaniya 
  5. Finan- IIT
  6. Amigo -IIT

Chinthi Weerasinghe, the Chief Executive Officer of Mitra Innovation was present at the awards ceremony and enlightened the audience with an inspiring speech.  The champions of EVOLUTION AI was team Eximus Ruhuna from University of Ruhuna. The champions received a cash prize of 80,000 and internship opportunities at Mitra Innovation. Imperial College also awarded full scholarships for CIMA for the champions. 

The first runner-up was team Mastermind from the University of Kelaniya. They received a cheque of 50,000 and discounted vouchers for CIMA from Imperial College.  The second runner-up was Team 5x from the University of Moratuwa. They received a cash prize of 30,000 and discounted vouchers for CIMA from Imperial College. Apart from the three main awards, the MARCOM championship for receiving the highest votes through social media was awarded to Team Finan from IIT. They received a cheque for 15,000. The most engaging championship was awarded to Team Mastermind from the University of Kelaniya who showed the most engagement in the three rounds. 

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