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She Leads Change – Empowerment for Women in the Workplace

Just in Time Group (JIT) launched their HR initiative “She Leads Change” geared towards promoting inclusion and empowerment in the workplace for females. With the program kicking off on the 30th of September 2020, Kasthuri Chellaraja Wilson was invited as the chief guest to speak of her journey. 

In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals put forth by the United Nations, SDG 5: Gender equality, JIT has structured its program around 6 objectives to strengthen women’s participation in leadership roles. Post COVID-19, the role women play have changed in accordance with their participation in the household and in the workforce. 

To increase women’s contribution to the national GDP, organisations have begun implementing inclusive work environments that support women at work. Workplace solutions for childcare have been increasingly advocated to help working parents. The ILO published a report on the importance of childcare in offices and frameworks to implement them. 

Recognizing the contribution, commitment, and hard work of its female employees, JIT launched the She Leads Change initiative. The programme aims to empower its female employees to hold leadership positions in the company and add value to their lives personally and professionally. Towards these goals, the She Leads Change programme had 6 key objectives. They are as follows: 

1. To expand the contribution given by women at leadership levels to drive the business objectives and strategy. 

2. To improve the talent pipeline and provide a venue for women to support each other to become future leaders. 

3. To provide opportunities for women to increase knowledge, capabilities and networking opportunities, where they can go out confidently to represent the Company.

4. To help women feel valued, recognized, rewarded and engaged in the Company. 

5. To ensure that we have a pipeline of high potential women ready to take on additional responsibilities and move into senior leadership positions in the Company. 

6. Health and wellness initiatives to benefit their life and overall success as well as striking a work-life balance 

Inviting leaders in the industry with experience working in male-dominated spaces and who know the importance of support in the workplace, such as Kasthuri Wilson Chellarajah, opens a space for discussion around the problematic experiences faced.  Kasthuri spoke of her experiences in the corporate world and advised the audience on being results-oriented, and let your work speak for itself. She emphasised on having good mentors and bosses to support you along your journey, who believe in you. Knowing your key strengths is also important alongside what you want to focus on and continue working towards it.

Coaching women in the workforce to climb the hierarchical ladder while managing their roles in their family is a skill that has spillover effects that benefit not only the individual but also organisations. JIT highlights the importance of women as keystone players in societies and their potential at all levels of the workforce.

Inclusivity and empowerment are echoed across the world from the grassroots level to fortune 500 companies. The importance of understanding the power of a voice, the power of partnership and the specific skill sets that are to be honed through to shine a new light on male-dominated spaces. JIT would now be running this structured HR initiative beginning in September 2020, and whilst starting in a highly uncertain time, it is impressive that these programs are geared to push for progress through it all. 

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