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Home to a Growing Community: WORX Opens its Newest Co-Working Space

By Arteculate Mar 16, 2022 #Sponsored #WORX
Worx Co-working Nawala Sri Lanka

Previously, it was an unquestionable norm to work 9 to 5 in an office. But following the pandemic, the status quo is changing. Spurred by calls from their employees, businesses everywhere are exploring new ways of working. Before the pandemic, a popular alternative was working out of a co-working space. Among the growing co-working spaces in Colombo is WORX. It originally opened its first spaces in Jawatte House and Havelock Town at the onset of the pandemic. Yet, despite all odds, both co-working spaces are now fully occupied and home to a bustling community. 

Azahn Munas – Director at WORX

Now the company has opened its newest co-working space in Nawala, which has already reached 100% occupancy. However, the recent power cuts have seen a surge in demand for co-working spaces with generators for continuous uninterrupted operations. Commenting on their latest expansion, Director of WORX, Azahn Munas, shared, “The WORX community has grown exponentially over the past six months, and we’re currently at 100% occupancy across all our sites. We added extra seating to accommodate Hot Desk bookings, which are seeing rapid demand. We’ve also received several inquiries for Private Offices, despite being at 100% occupancy.” 

WORX opens up in Nawala

Startups and growing enterprises need to capitalize on every competitive advantage they might have. For example, conducting business operations in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s business capital, is valuable. But this value comes with a steep price tag, thanks to the high competition for real-estate and maintenance expenses. Co-working spaces like WORX offer a more attractive alternative. 

Co-Working Space
A glimpse inside WORX’s latest co-working space in Nawala

Having the flexibility to use an office space only when needed or when you’re an employee working from home in need of a change of setting is a valuable asset for businesses that value efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Many companies have already realized the value that WORX provides in their two locations, Jawatte House and Havelock House. Now, WORX is expanding its presence with their new facility located in Nawala.

Azahn shared that the new WORX in Nawala will feature everything an individual would need to work comfortably. These necessities include fully-furnished private office spaces and elegant communal work areas, on-demand meeting rooms, high-speed internet, filtered water, tea and coffee, reception services, on-site parking, as well as daily cleaning and maintenance. Not only that, but WORX will provide full-time staff assistance and security as well. 

Home to a fast-growing community

Co-Working Space

Aside from being able to have a cost-efficient office space, WORX members will also be a part of a growing community consisting of unique individuals and enterprises, the perfect place for startups and growing businesses to collaborate and build networks. This collaboration is encouraged by WORX through the regular events and gatherings it hosts for its members.

As a result of these efforts, the WORX community has outgrown its existing homes. Hence, the need for the new space opening up in Nawala. Commenting on the growth of the community, Azahn said, “It’s fantastic to see Sri Lankans are embracing co-working spaces like ours and the many benefits we have to offer. Our community now includes businesses in digital media, marketing, creative, healthcare, hospitality, and FinTech industries, just to name a few.” 

WORX has nurtured the perfect environment to boost collaboration and creativity with such a melting pot of diverse fields and perspectives. Importantly collaboration and creativity are crucial elements in building new products and unlocking new opportunities for businesses. 

Opening up for new opportunities 

Having a separate workspace isn’t something that only benefits startups. Even students and those seeking a change in setting also benefit from such spaces. As Sri Lanka opens its doors, digital nomads are also eyeing the nation and its co-working spaces. It’s a trend WORX is positioning itself to capitalize on. 

“I believe there is going to be an increase in demand for co-working spaces from digital nomads now that borders are slowly opening up to international travel as the pandemic subsides,” Azahn shared. “We have already seen many inquiries from tourists around the world looking to spend longer periods in Sri Lanka and continue their work during their travels. Our spaces have been specifically designed for this purpose, and we intend on being a key player in this growing market. We were also recently approached by the prestigious Austrian-based travel magazine, Falstaff, who will be recognizing us as one of the best co-working spaces to visit in Sri Lanka.”

WORX remains committed to building conducive spaces for local startups and enterprises alike as it prepares to seize this new opportunity. All the while helping establish connections between them to establish a thriving community that supports each other. With the impressive growth that WORX has shown, it is clear that the co-working space model is a concept that is here to stay. Its photo studios at Nawala and Jawatte House remain open for bookings. For more details, head over to the WORX Facebook page. 

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