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A Winning Formula: Zone24x7’s Inclusive Approach to Employee Development and Client Success

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Zone24x7 extends its culture for continuous Learning and Development (L&D) beyond the boundaries of its office through staff augmentation. As a leader in end-to-end tech solutions, Zone24x7’s team of engineers thrive in an environment of expanding knowledge, allowing them to enhance their client organizations’ capabilities. In doing so, the company ensures its members everywhere all grow equally. 

“Today, we deploy our staff on three models – remote, onsite, and virtual, as an augmented team to our clients based on their requirements,” conveys the Head of Global Professional Resourcing at Zone24x7, Lalindra Munasignhe. He also emphasizes that while essentially the staff blends with clients’ teams, they still receive the full range of Zone24x7 benefits, irrelevant of the project they are working on.

The ethos for continuous learning at Zone24x7

Some of the leaders of Zone24x7 - Vipula Liyanarachchi and Lalindra Munasinghe
From L to R: Vipula Liyanarachchi – General Manager at Zone24x7 and Lalindra Munasignhe – Head of Global Professional Resourcing at Zone24x7

“Zone24x7 believes in taking on challenges that open new doors for learning, which ranks above any goal to do with making money,” shares General Manager at Zone24x7, Vipula Liyanarachchi. Together with several initiatives to enhance its L&D culture for technical and soft skills, the company also hosts a diverse, inclusive, and caring culture. It built the necessary infrastructure to simplify employee communication throughout the organization so that each employee knows who to connect with, depending on their needs. He further states that this is done via multiple channels to promote healthy employee interaction.

Regarding a technology challenge, Zone24x7 has designated a series of Tech Experts specializing in different areas. Whenever anyone in the wider team has a technical issue, they can reach out to these experts and schedule a discussion to overcome their challenges. These experts also host frequent ‘Scientia sessions’ to train and create a collective knowledge advancement for the company. 

A Zone24x7 Tech Expert Conducting a Session

Further, Zone24x7 also hosts a strong mentoring program where senior team members will support the career development of juniors. Those designated to be mentors undergo many internal and external training programs to be the best they can be for the mentees. “Although there are tools like Mentor’s Calendar and Mentor’s Journal to track the progress of our mentors, we believe their actual contribution is evaluated through the success of their mentees. A mentee’s problem is also the mentor’s problem,” Vipula conveys.

Alongside the above, Zone24x7 also hosts regular training programs to help strengthen the soft skills of its associates as well. Collectively, all of these efforts ensure associates at all levels of the company, from interns to senior managers, are equipped with the right skills to develop innovative solutions while also enjoying opportunities to build fulfilling careers. Accordingly, the company’s friendly approach to problem-solving extends even to its clients through its staff augmentation initiatives. “If the client is willing to engage, we go beyond a staff outsourcing company and become their technology partner to provide solutions using the full caliber of Zone24x7’s knowledge base,” Vipula highlights. 

Empowering organizations through staff augmentation with Engineers24x7

Members of the Zone24x7 team

As a pioneering technology company,  Lalindra shares that the team at Zone24x7’s commitment to research and learning allows it to produce world-class digital solutions. Its staff resourcing arm Engineers24x7 is committed to providing global access to the best-in-class engineering talent to help organizations meet their core business needs. Today, the company’s clientele includes Tier-1 retailers and key leaders in several industries, such as logistics, warehousing, telecommunications, and banking. Accordingly, Engineers24x7operates on 03 models to support their clients’ requirements:  

  • Onsite: Engineers are deployed at the client’s premises to work alongside their in-house team
  • Offsite: Engineers work remotely for the client
  • Virtual Captive Offshoring: A team is created that is a plug-and-play unit for the client’s operations

“Our unique approach to staff augmentation at Zone24x7 is to invest in our engineers to ensure they are equipped to add value to our clients. All augmented staff members are assigned a mentor from Zone24x7 to guide through the knowledge transfer when it comes to complex tasks,” highlights Lalindra. Furthermore, Zone24x7 is one of the few companies engaged in a Training Factory Model. An engineer is assigned to a client’s specific project to learn on the job and is eventually transferred to the client’s in-house team to complete the project. 

With its strong learning culture, the staff augmentation provided by Engineers24x7 has helped its clients improve their businesses with better delivery speeds and strength in multiple domains. Elaborating on a case study, Lalindra conveys that an international telecom operator had been unable to recruit engineers and had approached Zone24x7 for its services. “We took on the entire toll of recruitment and evaluation, placing close to 20 value-added engineers to help them win. When our customers are winning in their markets, we are also winning,” Lalindra expresses. 

The powerful impact of an inclusive learning culture

A snapshot of the Zone24x7 team

Through its efforts towards fostering a learning culture, Zone24x7 now ensures a retention rate of over 02 years for engineers working with its clients versus the industry average of fewer than 12 months. This phenomenon is no surprise; being able to learn new skills quickly means Zone24x7 engineers can rotate roles, change projects, and build rich careers. Further, they are also exposed to various new technologies and their applications in several industries working alongside the company’s clientele. As such, they can change domains without changing jobs into environments that require a fast learning cycle, resulting in a faster career progression. 

Looking towards the future, Zone24x7 remains committed to building a strong team of skilled engineers ready to tackle any hurdle as they work cohesively with their client’s teams. “We are looking for the right talent to join our family and support our vision. As part of Zone24x7, everyone receives equal benefits and opportunities for growth regardless of whether the project they are hired for is in-house, outsourced, local, or overseas,” states Vipula, reaffirming the company’s ethos of collaborative experimentation, learning, and innovation.

Learn how you can gain access to or be a part of the best-in-class engineering talent at Zone24x7. Check out their website here.

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