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Exploring Colombo’s New Coworking Space WORX

By Arteculate Oct 12, 2020 #Sponsored #WORX

Go through the accounts of any business and you’ll find rent to be among their top 10 expenses. During the coronavirus lockdown, as the economy ground to a halt, even as many shifted operations online rent remained a constant expense. Regrettably, for some businesses, it meant having to close their doors. Yet, this isn’t a new phenomenon. For years, rent has been one of the biggest challenges for business. To solve this issue by offering businesses affordable workspaces, Colombo has seen several coworking spaces popping up. The latest of these being WORX. 

Beneath the surface, there’s so much more than simply having a space to work. “WORX is not just a coworking space, but a community and a place where entrepreneurs and creative thinkers alike can collaborate, innovate and thrive. With beautiful, fully furnished workspaces, we like to focus on the little things, so our members can accomplish great things,” says Co-Founder of WORX, Azahn Munas. 

The vision of WORX

The focus of this coworking startup is to change the way people feel about coming to work. It aims to offer a space where its members can not only accomplish a hard days work but also spend quality recreational time to replenish and relax. Towards this goal, WORX aims to build a strong supportive community that supports everyone to achieve greatness.

WORX | Coworking
A glimpse inside the coworking spaces at WORX (Image credits: WORX)

Azahn describes the community they’ve built at WORX as, “A diverse and eclectic mix of people. Ranging from tech startups and digital nomad’s to photographers, graphic designers and other creative professionals. Everyone is welcome and we pride ourselves on creating a safe space where people can connect, innovate and thrive.” 

Of course, a coworking space and community aren’t built overnight. For WORX, the challenge was further compounded by the coronavirus. Azahn admits the unexpected pandemic meant they were forced back to the drawing board. Elaborating on this, he shared, “We have had to enhance our spaces to ensure they are safe but still practical to use. However, since we have launched, we have seen a great demand for our private office spaces, which means there is a clear interest in what we have to offer.”

Exploring WORX

WORX | Coworking
Alongside a space to get your work done, WORX also features an on-site cafe and restaurant where you can have a casual conversation or grab a quick bite to eat (Image credits: WORX)

Within the halls of WORX, you’ll find a variety of spaces to get your work done. These start with the open seats, where you can grab a seat in one of many communal spaces to start work and go up to dedicated private offices. You also have the flexible options of getting a hot desk or a dedicated desk for yourself within an air-conditioned, fully furnished open workroom. Beyond giving you a space to work, WORX will also handle everything to ensure you can focus on your work. 

These include the essentials you’d expect from an office like cleaning, managing utilities, reception & guest management, handling company mail, and other background tasks. There’s also an on-site cafe and restaurant where you can have a casual conversation or grab a quick bite to eat. Furthermore, with a focus on premium design and hospitality, this coworking space also has a few unique additions. Within their newest space in Colombo, you’ll find a rooftop terrace, 2 swimming pools, a zen garden, several outdoor cabanas, and a working art gallery. 

WORX | Coworking
Within WORX you’ll find a swimming pool and other spaces to relax, unwind, and inspire yourself while working (Image credits: WORX)

Describing it in his own words, Azahn said, “It’s very much a peaceful oasis nestled in the heart of Colombo. It has beautiful trees and lush vegetation all over the garden spaces and is a very tranquil space. The building is also an art deco property so has great design elements and plenty of unique breakout and communal spaces, perfect for creative thought or for networking and social interaction.”

Coworking spaces for the new normal

Despite the continuing dangers of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for physical office spaces continues. It’s merely taken a new form where the normal is a focus on hygiene. Recognizing this, WORX has invested in enhancing its disinfection protocols. These measures include protective equipment such as facemasks for its staff, making hand sanitizers and soap dispensers widely accessible, and modifying shared spaces for social distancing. 

WORX | Coworking
In the wake of the coronavirus, WORX invested heavily towards improving its disinfection protocols. (Image credits: 10unbeatable)

Sharing his views on these challenging times, Azahn said, “While distancing may be part of our new normal, collaboration and connection remain more important than ever—and having a safe place to do that is essential. We want our members to know that they can make WORX a part of their daily life and still feel comfortable being with friends and family outside of work. That’s why we’re enhancing our spaces and services to protect the wellbeing of our community-ensuring that members can continue working in a safe, healthy work environment.”

Technology has enabled several businesses to operate remotely. Yet, the need for a physical office has not vanished. Rather, given the economic hardships, many are looking towards more flexible options like coworking. That’s why everyone wins when the city gets a new coworking space like WORX. For the prosperity of a society is deeply tied with the success of its businesses, which in turn, requires offering flexible options that meet their unique needs for success. 

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