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Tech for Sustainable Tourism: Gapstars as the Technology Partner for Tuk Tuk Tournament 2022

By Arteculate Nov 30, 2022 #Gapstars #Sponsored
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Gapstars, a B2B service provider helping innovative Dutch companies grow with high-performing agile development teams in Sri Lanka, was the Technology Partner of the recently held TukTuk Tournament 2022. The partnership came about as part of Gapstars’ commitment to sustainable tourism in line with its goals to empower larger communities where it operates. Previously, the company partnered with Tuk Tuk Tournament in 2019 before it went on a brief hiatus owing to the pandemic. Following its successful return in 2022, Gapstars is committed to being an enabler of sustainable tourism through technology. 

What is the Tuk Tuk Tournament? 

For the unfamiliar, the Tuk Tuk Tournament is a 13-day islandwide treasure hunt and adventure that crosses different parts of the country, all from the open-aired seat of a Tuk Tuk. It targets people from several other countries and invites them to be a part of an authentic Sri Lankan experience. The latest edition of the tournament was held from the 16th to the 28th of October 2022. During this time, it gave tourists an authentic introduction to Sri Lanka whilst supporting the local economy with much-needed foreign exchange. 

CEO of Gapstars, Hugo Hemmen, said, “The reason that we teamed up with the Tuk Tuk Tournament since 2019 is because we share the same love for Sri Lanka and care about showcasing the beauty of this country to the world while generating a positive impact towards sustainable tourism. With the successful conclusion of the 2022 tournament, Gapstars hopes to continue partnering with Tuk Tuk Rental (organizers of the initiative) and supporting local communities.”

How Gapstars is supporting local tourism with technology

As the Technology Partner of the Tuk Tuk Tournament, Gapstars built the official tournament app that participants used throughout the event. The app served as a map, a progress tracker for challenges, and a digital hub where teams shared their experiences. It also served as a springboard for Gapstars to showcase an authentic image of Sri Lanka true to its roots to the rest of the world. Thus, promoting the island nation, which encouraged international travelers to visit and support local businesses and communities. 

TukTuk Tournament Manager at Intergalactic Heroes, Ivan Ellis Nanney, shared, “This was our second year working with the Gapstars team to develop an application for our event, and it is amazing how much our synergy continues to grow. Not only did the product meet new heights this year, but the team provided real-time support and troubleshooting for the whole two weeks our event lasted. On top of this, Gapstars generously supported our philanthropic endeavors by partnering with us on grocery relief vouchers for 130 families around the country. We can’t wait to see what we create together in 2023.”

A fast-growing tech leader supporting local communities

In the past few years, Gapstars has grown rapidly. The international company provides software development services for innovative startups and scaleups in the Netherlands. Its team in Colombo, numbering 190+ today, is expanding and poised to reach 300+ engineers by the end of 2023. Yet, throughout its journey, Gapstars has supported its local communities and continues investing in long-term sustainability initiatives to empower them. 

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