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HCL Enters Sri Lanka With Four Decades of Excellence and a Promise of 5,000+ Jobs in the Next 5 Years

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A tech giant on the global stage with dedicated inventors thriving in a culture of Ideapreneurship. HCL Technologies specializes in providing world-class business solutions to enterprises across numerous industries. With over 40 years of innovation experience, the company has exceeded expectations in all its business operations as well as its obligations of social responsibility, sustainability, and diversity.

HCL Technologies continues to strive in over 50 countries, with a complete portfolio of three key business areas of IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and Products and Platforms (P&P). Earlier this year, HCL announced its expansion into Sri Lanka and plans to invest $10 million and generate over 5000 jobs in the next 5 years. Here’s a glimpse of the global tech giant’s plans in Sri Lanka.

HCL’s Success Mantra

Much of the company’s success can be seen with the 150+ alliances they have formed over the years. These include  alliances with some of the other big names in the technology industry; Microsoft, Broadcom, Oracle and IBM to name a few. HCL Technologies has brought immense benefits to these organisations, in terms of reduced ownership cost and risk of implementation, while helping fast track their growth in target markets.

So what gave HCL an edge over others in today’s digital age? At the very core of their company, lies their concept of “Ideapreneurship”. Together with this, their flipped organizational pyramid has empowered the company’s frontline employees; their “Ideapreneurs”. 

As a result, these employees have been given the resources to think outside the box and collaborate closely with each other, as well as their customers. This allows them to provide the best solutions to any problems they are presented with. As a result, the company is able to constantly deliver real value to its customers through innovative solutions. This is evident when one looks at the numerous patents it has filed from ideas that started through simple employee-customer interactions. 

The birth of HCL in Sri Lanka

With its headquarters based in India, HCL Technologies has taken steps to branch out into the neighbouring island of Sri Lanka. In doing so, the company seeks to enhance the company’s presence in the South Asian region. This move was inspired by recognizing the country’s pool of IT professionals, bright young minds as well as resources to be a leading hub for next-generation ideas and technology. 

Srimathi Shivashankar, Corporate Vice President of HCL Technologies had stated that they are very happy with the progressive policies Sri Lanka offers. HCL Technologies she stated is fully prepared and committed to bringing in new opportunities for the local workforce. Moreover, she firmly believes that HCL Technologies’ valuable partnership with the Board of Investors (BOI) of Sri Lanka will help the company enhance their ideology of ‘Relationship Beyond the Contract’, benefitting the workforce and economy of the country.

The company inaugurated its business premise in Colombo in September 2020, through a virtual ceremony. In attendance were Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, Indian High Commissioner Gopal Baglay, Founder, Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer of HCL Technologies Shiv Nadar and President and Chief Executive Officer of the company C. Vijayakumar. 

HCL’s vision for Sri Lanka

To start off, HCL plans an initial investment of US$10 million in the country and creating 5000+ jobs over the next 5 years for both school leavers, graduates and experienced professionals. In addition to this, they also aim to implement a Work Integrated Education Program in aims of providing students with the right skilling programs that makes them employable at HCL.

Currently, the company is aiming for a growth of at least 1500 personnel in Sri Lanka over the upcoming 18 months. This includes already established professionals in the IT field, as well as university students and school leavers. For individuals already having a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field or a strong knowledge in the arena, the recruitment process takes place through a technical assessment followed by a meeting with the company’s HR department and selection.

For school leavers with Advanced Level results and students pursuing their Higher National Diploma (HND), HCL Technologies Sri Lanka has partnered with ESOFT Metro Campus, to help such youngsters kick start their career in IT. Through the 12-month ‘ESOFT- HCL skilling programme’, these students are given the opportunity to learn the industry over a 9-month classroom setting. It will be followed by a 3-month training apprenticeship on the job. Following this, they will also be guaranteed an entry-level software engineer or IT analyst position on completion, while still given the freedom to follow-up with their undergraduate studies. This is just the first step in the company’s agenda for improving the field of IT in all universities across the island.

Why choose HCL Technologies? 

Courage to pursue new ideas has always been HCL Technologies’ driver towards its concept of ideapreneurship. Through extensive collaboration between its employees and customers, the company encourages growth through flexibility to all. Their team of ‘Ideapreneurs’ works toward the similar goal of traditional entrepreneurs – converting an idea into reality; with the advantage of being able to take more chances with minimized risk. Moreover, it provides these driven individuals with the opportunity of working with a global team, in absentia of the need for travel or relocation. 

Being part of HCL’s team also provides them with a great opportunity to work towards providing impactful solutions to some of the biggest blue-chip companies in Sri Lanka, and around the world. All this, while also ensuring sustainability and utmost care to the environment, makes HCL in Sri Lanka the ideal workplace for anyone looking to go far in the tech industry and play a part in putting the island on the map. 

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