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MAS Holdings Partners With PickMe To Support Official Transportation Requirements

Recently, Sri Lanka’s largest exporter, MAS, partnered with PickMe to offer a cost-effective transportation option for its employees amidst the ongoing fuel restrictions. The partnership allows for managerial-grade and above employees of MAS to utilize PickMe for their official transportation. Additionally, several MAS companies already utilize PickMe Corporate Solutions for their official logistical needs. As part of its commitment to its employee’s safe work environment, MAS has implemented various measures to ensure their well-being. The company’s partnership with PickMe is another step in this direction, enabling employees to travel without hassle.

A high-tech approach by PickMe enables cost-effective rides

PickMe | MAS Holdings

As Sri Lanka’s most widely used transportation app, PickMe brings several benefits to its users. Namely, cost-effective rides are made possible with a high-tech approach to find optimal fuel-efficient routes for its wide range of vehicles. The approach offers a quick and convenient solution for traveling and any other logistical need in a fuel-restricted economy. This makes professionals feel safer as the app’s drivers are registered and monitored, ensuring accountability and safety.

“PickMe is becoming an increasingly cost-effective solution to commuting in Sri Lanka. We have seen an increase among corporate professionals using the application as an alternative to owning, maintaining, and refueling personal vehicles in recent times,” shares the COO of PickMe, Isira Perera. With its user-friendly corporate portal, organizations like MAS enjoy the full range of benefits PickMe’s services offer – meeting their logistical needs with greater operational flexibility and efficiency.  

The strong partnership between PickMe and MAS

The latest partnership between PickMe and MAS allows managerial-grade employees of the conglomerate to utilize the ride-hailing service for their official travels. For MAS Holdings and its employees, the initiative brings several benefits including convenience, safety, and cost savings. From a company perspective, the partnership allows MAS Holdings to enhance its transportation management process and reduce costs. 

Ultimately, the partnership sets a precedent for other businesses, encouraging them to partner with ride-hailing platforms for operational needs. Thus, further stimulating the growth of Sri Lanka’s ride-hailing industry and contributing to the country’s economic development. At the same time, the example set by PickMe and MAS highlights how technology and innovation can enhance their operations and benefit their employees. It also underscores the potential of partnerships between different industries to create value and drive progress.

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