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PickMe Launches PickMe Pass: Enjoy Unlimited FREE Delivery on all your Orders!

By Arteculate Nov 16, 2022 #PickMe #Sponsored
PickMe Pass

A few months back, PickMe was testing a new monthly Membership service. Now it’s finally official! For the first time in Sri Lanka, PickMe Pass is now available islandwide. The service is kicking off with a 14-day free trial and offers several benefits, INCLUDING UNLIMITED FREE DELIVERIES for PickMe Food and Market orders. Plus, PickMe is also offering up to 10% OFF on Rides, Food, Flash, and Trucks. Here’s everything you need to know about PickMe Pass.

What is PickMe Pass, and how do I sign up for it?

Priced at LKR 699 per month, PickMe Pass is a monthly Membership Program with multiple benefits. The biggest of these is FREE unlimited delivery for PickMe Food and Market orders. The company also offers big deals across all of its services. That includes 10% off on rides, food, flash, and trucks. It’s open to everyone islandwide. To sign up for the membership program, log into the app, head to your profile, and select subscriptions.

Why sign up for PickMe Pass? Unparalleled convenience

PickMe’s primary aim in introducing a subscription service is to bring unparalleled convenience to the lives of its users. With PickMe Pass, you only need to select a meal from the app’s extensive list of restaurants, and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep FREE OF CHARGE! Likewise, you can order your daily groceries from the comfort of your home with a few taps on the app. Furthermore, with additional discount offers, deals, and free delivery, PickMe pass subscribers can save more and stick to budgets more easily.  

PickMe’s continuous innovation

Since its inception, PickMe has continuously innovated from ride-hailing to a wide range of services. Today, it’s a one-stop mobility hub for all things you need to be delivered. Now more than ever, we are all looking for more value for our money. Looking towards the future, with new features like PickMe Pass, PickMe promises a streamlined experience with more features ahead for all your logistical needs, whether it’s travel, food, groceries, or anything else. 

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