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Helping Businesses Grow and Creating Livelihoods: PickMe Trucks Crosses 500,000+ Deliveries

By Arteculate Sep 3, 2021 #PickMe #Sponsored

Whether it be to get to your vaccination centre, get groceries during a lockdown, or sending a package, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you have used or even considered using PickMe. From its humble origins, the company has grown into a tech-powered logistics giant, providing a valuable service to people while creating sources of income for thousands islandwide. 

Amongst its services is PickMe Trucks, which recently hit the milestone of 500,000+ successful deliveries. It serves to connect customers and truck drivers for hauling what you can’t fit into your truck. All it takes is a few taps on the PickMe app and none of the hassle that comes with hiring a truck the traditional way. Currently, thousands of people and businesses rely on PickMe trucks due to their fast, affordable and transparent service. 

PickMe Trucks
Recently, PickMe Trucks crossed the milestone of 500,000+ successful deliveries

PickMe Trucks offers four types of vehicle options, which the consumer can choose from with a few taps on the app. With its data-driven approach, the app then connects consumers with the nearest driver that’ll meet their needs. Today, with a fleet of trucks operating islandwide, PickMe offers this service to a wide variety of clients. The list ranges from households to SMEs and even to major businesses that rely on it to solve their logistical needs. 

PickMe Trucks is a partner helping businesses grow

Crossing the milestone of 500,000 successful deliveries is a testament to the value of the service provided by PickMe Trucks. As for the lucky customer who hired that milestone ride, it was none other than Hari Builders, a long-time customer of PickMe Trucks.

The 500,000th delivery by PickMe Trucks was for Hari Builders, which uses the services due its reliability and affordability

“We’ve used PickMe trucks for our deliveries all the time,” shared a representative of Hari Builders. “Because we deal with contracts throughout the country, and the valuable construction materials we transport, it’s not always easy to find a reliable service all the time. Also, the use of a traditional truck service can be very costly. With the use of PickMe Trucks, these problems are solved,” he added. “With PickMe Trucks, we have been able to work more efficiently, saving both time and money.”

Hari Builders aren’t the only ones enjoying the services provided. Another such customer is Dewma Consumer Products, a producer and supplier of masks to multiple areas of the country. As such, they utilise PickMe Trucks close to 20-30 times a day. “The fact that PickMe charges by the distance is a major benefit to us, in order to keep costs low,” they shared with us. Further, it allows the company to focus on growth without having to maintain a fleet of vehicles. 

How PickMe Trucks is building livelihoods

Businesses and customers aren’t the only ones who can claim the benefits of the service. The drivers who partner with PickMe and provide their vehicles have not only helped build the company, but also their livelihood. 

One such driver is Sandun Nilushka and has been working with PickMe for quite a few years now. Speaking to Arteculate, he said, “Sometimes you get hired for long distances, sometimes short ones. Each time, we are entrusted to carry out our task and always do my best to provide the best service possible.” Through PickMe Trucks, Sandun shared that he has been able to make a living for himself, working full time on the platform. 

“Of course, there are good days as there are bad,” he said. “But I was able to achieve a lot by working as a PickMe driver.” Sandun went on to share that working with PickMe offered other benefits, including the ease of managing hires and logistics. “Unlike working under a cab service or a traditional company, which would often have really low commissions to the driver, with PickMe, I am able to get a better rate and better income for each hire,” he added.

Another driver, Saman Nishanka, shared a similar story. A PickMe veteran, he began by running hires in his tuktuk. Today, he owns 2 trucks of his own, both registered with PickMe and carries out hires with his brother for a living. “Many of my colleagues, with whom I started with, running hires on tuktuks have their own cars now, and still run hires. I took a different route with PickMe trucks and am very happy with what I have today,” he added. 

What’s next for PickMe Trucks

Looking towards the future, PickMe is planning to introduce more specialised vehicles to the trucks fleet as it seeks to expand its collection of logistics solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes across Sri Lanka

Needless to say, these are only a drop in the ocean of satisfied customers and PickMe drivers, who both reap the benefits of the platform, building businesses and building livelihoods. So where does it all go from here? 

Speaking to Arteculate, COO of PickMe, Isira Perera shared, “Our vision with PickMe Trucks is to be the transport provider of choice for the Sri Lankan SME sector. As we celebrate the success of having completed 500,000 deliveries for our customers, this is only the beginning. Moving forward, PickMe Trucks will expand its offerings to include specialised high capacity vehicle categories such as containers, freezer trucks, car carriers, etc. We will also be expanding the service into other regions to support backhaul logistics.”

In closing, Isira continued and described the long-term vision for PickMe Trucks, “As we expand our offerings to better serve our customers, PickMe remains committed with a keen focus on addressing issues around safety and pricing in the market to provide a better service. In doing so, we aim to become the transport provider of choice for the Sri Lankan SME sector.”  

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