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First wildlife travel-based management lessons book by Sarath Perera to be launched

By Arteculate Sep 1, 2020 #management

There are many great lessons that one can learn from nature. Taking his last half a decade of wildlife travel experiences globally and locally, Wilfred Sarath Eranga Perera has compiled a series of valuable management lessons in his latest book. Management from The Wild – 101 Lessons Learnt authored by Wilfred Sarath Eranga Perea will be launched on the 9th of January amidst an open gathering at the One Galle Face Lobby. 

A pioneering wildlife travel-based management lessons book, it has received much acclaim from industry-leading professionals. The list includes professionals across the globe from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Nepal, Vietnam, and Wales. Among them is Retd. Executive VP of Walt Disney World Resort and bestselling author of Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney, Lee Cockerell stated, “I enjoyed Sarath Perera’s book. It includes many important life lessons in a fun educational way. Storytelling is always the best way to educate and this book does just that.”

Brand Marketing Manager – EMEA at LinkedIn, Zara Easton said “Sarath uniquely shares his extraordinary traveling tales and draws parallels to lessons learned in business. The story grounds you in nature, reminding us all what we can learn from these real experiences outside of a work environment. I was hooked the whole way through.” Astronaut in training and global speaker, Alyssa Carson stated, “It’s a great book to read to find life lessons to use. Offering lessons through real-life experiences from wildlife situations, the book is a quick easy read, with many lessons to learn or relearn.”

Wilfred Sarath Eranga Perera is an award-winning global marketer and management professional, lecturer, and speaker. He is also an avid traveler and wildlife enthusiast with a passion for wildlife photography. His wildlife travels have taken him across the globe, including Africa, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. “The book is not just for professionals and wildlife enthusiasts; it is for anyone!,” shares Sarath. The book looks at the world through a unique lens, imparting valuable life lessons using his stories out in the wild. 

The book will be launched on the 9th of January at the One Galle Face lobby. Throughout the day, there are several events and talks scheduled. Among the speakers at the event is the President of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Galle, Madura de Silva, Former Disney actress, Melody Perera, and many other professionals. The event is welcome to all. For more details or to reserve a book, you can email

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