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Gapstars Hosts Major Scale-Up Party at Port City

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Gapstars Scale Up Party

From its humble beginnings, Gapstars has grown into a leader in the technology industry with a team of 200+ IT professionals and a network of partners from various sectors, including eCommerce, Energy, Healthcare software, and more. On the 17th of February, the Netherlands-based B2B service provider hosted the Gapstars Scale-Up Party at Colombo’s Port City to celebrate its meteoric growth. The company recognized its employees for their achievements, outstanding contributions, and commitment to upholding its core values of Growth, Impact, and Family. Furthermore, the company thanked its partners for their continued support. 

Crossing a milestone of 200+ employees: Celebrating at Port City

Celebrations at the Gapstars Scale-Up Party began with attendees arriving in special double-decker buses to Colombo’s Port City.

Having crossed the milestone of 200 employees in Sri Lanka, Gapstars sought to celebrate this milestone in style. As such, it chose to host the Scale-up Party at Colombo’s trendiest location – Port City. Celebrations began with attendees arriving in special double-decker Gapstars Party Busses. These included both its employees and some of its partners – Mycademy, Carv, Fixico, Certscanner,  Alicia, and Conxillium who had flown down for the event to Colombo from the Netherlands. 

Having arrived at the Port City, attendees were treated to an exciting day that kicked off with a range of watersports activities, including Jet Ski rides and a Banana Boat. Staying true to its commitment towards supporting local communities, Gapstars also supported local small businesses by hiring thambili (king coconut) and street food vendors to offer refreshments for the evening. Then, as the sun set, it was time for the formal proceedings to kick off, which Fahad Farook hosted—beginning with performances by Angampora practitioners and Naadro drummers, followed by the awards ceremony. 

Gapstars has been committed to supporting local communities where it operates. As such, for its Scale-Up Party, the company had partnered with local street food vendors to offer refreshments for the evening.

The awards ceremony was among the key highlights of the Gapstars Scale-Up Party. During this segment, the company recognized the invaluable contributions of employees and the continued support extended by its many partners. To that end, the ceremony featured four categories of awards: Longstanding employees, Value Champions, Partner Excellence, and Outstanding performers. In addition, the ceremony highlighted the company’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating the vital role that its employees and partners play in the company’s growth and success. 

Success and Growth Driven by Putting People First 

The celebration at the Scale-Up Party of Gapstars’ growth to 200+ employees is a testament to the people-centric culture it has been building. Since its inception, the company has prioritized its people, believing they are the reason for its success. To that end, it has been working continuously to foster an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. In recognition of these efforts, the company has secured several awards over the years, which include – being listed among the Top 100 Workplaces in Asia, being a Great Place to Work for 5 consecutive years, being one of the Top 10 IT/ITes Workplaces in Sri Lanka, Top 10 Places to Work for Millennials, and Top 50 Workplaces in Sri Lanka.

While its ranks grow rapidly, Gapstars has remained committed to diversity and inclusion. By offering equal opportunities to all, Gapstars has built a culture where everyone is valued and has the chance to grow and succeed. In turn, this strong focus on creating an inclusive and supportive workplace has helped Gapstars attract and retain top talent and contributed to its success in the market. The company’s diverse and innovative team is well-positioned to deliver exceptional service and drive growth for its clients. As Gapstars continues to expand, it remains committed to building a workplace culture that values and supports its people. 

Expanding to new shores: What 2023 holds in store for Gapstars

Hugo Hemmen – CEO of Gapstars, speaking at the Scale-Up Party

“I’m truly grateful to be working with so many talented people, and it’s amazing to see how fast our global family is growing. To have so many of our Partners, employees, friends, and family come together as one on this paradise Island is a truly magical experience. 2023 will be a big year for Gapstars as we are well on our way to onboard more Partnerships, more technologists, and expand our proposition with new services,” said CEO of Gapstars, Hugo Hemmen. 

Ultimately, the Gapstars Scale-up Party celebrated the company’s success and growth over the years. As the company has expanded to hit 200+ employees, it has remained committed to building a culture that prioritizes its people and values diversity and inclusion. Looking to the future, Gapstars has ambitious plans to continue growing and building its tech hubs in Sri Lanka, Portugal, and the Netherlands. By investing in its people, technology, and infrastructure, the company is well-positioned to drive innovation and deliver exceptional service to its clients. As the company continues to grow, it remains committed to its core values of Growth, Impact, and Family. With its eyes set on the future, Gapstars is poised to continue making a difference in the tech industry and beyond.

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