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The Gapstars Scale-Up Week: Celebrating a Global Community of Fast-Growing Innovators

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Gapstars Scale Up 2024

From its modest origins with a single tech team, Gapstars has evolved into a leading B2B service provider, with a team of over 250 IT professionals. With a network of partners in diverse sectors ranging from eCommerce, public services, healthcare, mobility and the energy transition. Gapstars’ agile remote development teams are accelerating the growth of several leading organisations from the EU and the US. Along the way, it’s built a global community across its hubs in Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Portugal, and the UAE. To celebrate its meteoric growth, Gapstars organised Scale-Up Week, which was an immersive showcase of its commitment to collaborative innovation and social responsibility culminating with its annual Scale-Up Party at the Port City Colombo. 

The Events of the Gapstars Scale-Up Week

Over the Gapstars Scale-Up Week, a delegation of more than 50 international guests was treated to an enriching experience that encapsulated its ethos of innovation, collaboration, and community engagement. It commenced on the 14th of February with a warm welcome to clients at the Colombo hub, followed by an office tour and a buffet lunch attended by employees and partners. Throughout the week, attendees engaged in informative workshops, the renowned Scale-Up party, and impactful charity initiatives. Collectively, these activities showcased the multifaceted community-driven approach to impactful growth that defines Gapstars.  

Growth: Insightful Workshops on Agile and AI

On the 15th of February, Gapstars hosted a series of value-added workshops designed to empower its partners and employees with cutting-edge insights and practical knowledge. The first of these was on Agile principles hosted by Facilitator & Consultant at Luminary, Azeem Saheer. It took a unique twist by utilising LEGO models to explore the topics of customer experience, speed vs. quality delivery, the square wheel/round wheel concept, navigating the trouble triangle and design thinking. Subsequently, the next workshop was hosted by Dr. Sagara Sumathipala of Gapstars. It delved into the transformative potential of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology in Conversational AI. Through a series of interactive sessions, attendees gained practical experience implementing RAG models to build exceptionally intelligent chatbots. 

Family: A United Celebration at the Gapstars Scale-Up Party

The week’s highlight was the space-themed ‘Moon Party’ held at Port City Colombo on the 16th of February. The iconic Scale-Up party kicked off with employees arriving aboard double-decker party buses in an ambience of celebration and camaraderie. Against the backdrop of a lunar setting, attendees were treated to captivating performances by Naadro, a fire dancing troupe, and 2Forty2, while famed host Fahad Farook guided the festivities. Furthermore, the company also supported local small businesses by hiring coconut and street food vendors in the area to offer refreshments for the evening. Alongside the festivities, the Scale-Up Party served as a platform to recognize and honour partners and employees across various categories. Thus, the Scale-Up Party brought together the global Gapstars community in a grand celebration of its rapid growth.  

Impact: Giving Back to Local Communities

As the Scale-Up Week drew to a close, Gapstars reaffirmed its commitment to uplifting local communities. Through its partnership with The Liv Foundation, the company consistently supports the Cholankande Youth Training Centre, a technical institution aiding underprivileged youth in acquiring skills in electrical, automotive, and computer engineering. During its recent visit, the company engaged with donors to discuss the progress of ongoing initiatives and strategize future support. This philanthropic endeavour exemplifies the company’s holistic approach to success, wherein innovation catalyses opportunities for local communities and creates a brighter future for all. 

A network of global hubs: The meteoric rise of Gapstars

The transformative journey of Gapstars from startup to technology leader exemplifies a journey fueled by innovation and resilience. With a partner network now spanning across the European Union and the United States the company has consistently demonstrated its ability to build innovative solutions across diverse industries. Looking forward, Gapstars’ vision extends beyond mere expansion; it aims to solidify its presence in its key tech hubs in Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Portugal, and the UAE. Through strategic investments in these regions, Gapstars aims to accelerate its growth, expand its partner network, and have a bigger impact in the world by Scale-Up 2025.

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