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Revisiting the LOLC Global ICT Conference: Driving Innovation Across a Multinational in 16 Countries

By Arteculate Feb 20, 2023
LOLC Global ICT Conference Organizers

At the recently held LOLC Global ICT Conference, 60+ C-suite delegates from 16 countries across Asia and Africa came together to exchange innovative ideas and discuss the future of digitization. LOLC Holdings, Sri Lanka’s most profitable multinational conglomerate, has a long history of prioritizing technological innovation to stay ahead of the competition and deliver value to its stakeholders. Held under the theme of “Enable, Optimize and Transform Business through Digitalization,” over two days, its Global ICT Conference saw a wealth of knowledge shared between its international delegates towards charting a united digital strategy forward for the multinational conglomerate in a fast-changing world. 

A global conference uniting all of LOLC

Conrad Dias - CEO of LOLC Technologies

From Cambodia, Myanmar, and the Philippines to Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, and Tajikistan. Over 60 C-suite delegates from 16 countries across Asia and Africa, where the conglomerate has an active presence, were the conference participants. Today, many companies under its umbrella serve people from different ethnic groups, speaking other languages with different perspectives and dimensions on global digitalization, gathered together during the two days. With each party bringing its unique perspective to the table, LOLC Global ICT Conference was enlightening for all participants and a testament to the conglomerate’s global enterprise. 

The insightful discussions of the LOLC Global ICT Conference

A presentation on Digital Transformation at the LOLC Global ICT Conference

The event was graced by the Group Managing Director/ CEO of LOLC Holdings PLC, Kapila Jayawardena, as the Chief Guest. It started with a keynote address by the Chairman of LOLC Technologies PLC, Conrad Dias, on the theme of “Digital for Doing More with Less.” Following this, several knowledge-sharing sessions took place between delegates.

These sessions explored upcoming ICT trends and covered a broad spectrum of topics, including Global ICT models, Technology Readiness, Information Security, Best Practices in IT Operations, Fintech solutions, and more. In addition, fusionX, the next generation of the banking platform by LOLC Technologies was introduced along with a comprehensive analysis of the issues it solves. Since its rollout, the platform has enabled the conglomerate to ensure a heightened sense of employee and customer satisfaction. 

A snapshot of the LOLC Global ICT Conference

The conference also saw many Regional Directors of LOLC Holdings participating and sharing their career stories and lessons in leadership they’d learned. The later part of the event accommodated a knowledge-sharing session, where a few Regional Directors shared their thoughts on the overall journey, a situational analysis of the current conditions, and a way forward. The Regional Directors that participated in this session were Brindley De Zylva, Director of Cambodia and Myanmar, Rohana Kumara, Director of Africa, Pakistan, and Indonesia, and Krishan Thilekaratne, Director of Central Asia, Hasala Thilakerathne, Lahiru Karunaratne, Rukshan Fernando, Chamini Attanayake, Duleep Liyanage, and Kalindu Jayawardena also contributed their thoughts during the session.

Concluding the conference was an insightful panel discussion moderated by the Head of Technology Global IT Operations of LOLC Technology Services Ltd., Mahendiran Prashanthan. The panelists featured were the Chairman of LOLC Technologies, Conrad Dias, Deputy CEO of LOLC Technologies, Prasanna Siriwardena, and COO of LOLC Technologies, Parakum Pathirana. The conversation between the panelists explored and clarified several current trends identified by the participants.  

The vision of the LOLC Global ICT Conference

For a multinational that operates at the scale of the conglomerate, this initiative served as a platform to bring together its C-Suite executives from the countries it operates. Thus, enabling the development of a unified strategy for utilizing technology across the organization and ensuring its operations are aligned toward the same goals. Importantly, it also provided an opportunity to learn from other organizations’ experiences and best practices, both within and outside the conglomerate, to identify and adopt new technologies to enhance its customer offerings. Looking back, the LOLC Global ICT Conference helped drive innovation and efficiency within the company and maintain its competitive edge in a digital and global business environment.

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