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Optimizing Business Transportation: How PickMe Corporate is Helping Companies Save Up to 35% on Transportation Costs

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In December 2019, PickMe launched its corporate portal, which offers companies an all-in-one transportation and on-demand logistics solution that aims to streamline operations and reduce costs. This comprehensive service focuses on employee transportation and food delivery via PickMe Rides and PickMe Food alongside organizational daily logistics needs with PickMe Flash and PickMe Trucks. Since its launch, PickMe Corporate is now utilized by nearly 400 companies across banking, technology, apparel, telecom, retail, airlines, interior design, hotels, and more. On average, these businesses that adopted the service have seen a 30% reduction in their business transportation expenses. This is your guide to PickMe Corporate. 

How does PickMe Corporate work?

On the surface, PickMe Corporate is straightforward for employees. All they have to do is switch from their personal to corporate profile on the app. Afterward, they can use the app as they usually do daily. For example, get a tuk to the office in the morning, order lunch with PickMe Food in the afternoon, and deliver a package to a customer midday with PickMe Flash. These logistics needs and more are made possible with a few quick taps on the app. 

Behind the scenes is where the magic happens with the Corporate Portal, which allows an organization to manage its transportation and logistical needs from a single hub. With this portal, employees can be segregated by departments. Afterward, each department’s requirements, such as vehicle types and availability times, can be defined. Crucially, the portal offers high levels of transparency to the management with live tracking of trips, pre-booking, and detailed reports generated automatically daily to each department head. 

The benefits industry-leading companies enjoy

PickMe Corporate Clients

A snapshot of the organizations using PickMe Corporate

Following its launch, PickMe Corporate has quickly gained traction, with nearly 400+ organizations now utilizing the service. Its clientele includes the likes of MAS, Brandix, Standard Chartered, Dialog Axiata, Emirates, Daraz, Atlas, DHL, Maersk, Kingsbury, and many more. While they come from several different industries, collectively, all of them have found it allows them to streamline their logistics and focus on their core business. Hence, given its benefits, many permanent fleet owners have now switched to the service. These benefits include:

  • Cost savings: Given its comprehensive offerings include employee transportation, food delivery, and package shipping, companies can reduce expenses associated with managing multiple vendors and services. 
  • Improved response times: By centralizing transportation logistics, companies can coordinate and manage transportation needs more efficiently. Thus, leading to faster response times and better service for customers.
  • Increased efficiency: The service has allowed organizations to automate several processes, which has improved efficiency and reduced the need for additional staff to manage logistics operations. 

Speaking to Arteculate, a representative at Abans, illustrated the impact of the service on their operations, stating, “We’ve been working with PickMe Corporate for the last 4 years. Over time, we have witnessed a dramatic improvement in the responsiveness and operational efficiency of the team. It has made our lives so much easier at work regarding transportation matters, from standard rides to Flash. In addition, such technology has converted some of our manual work processes to automated, which helped increase the company’s overall efficiency.”

Continuous innovation to empower businesses

Person getting a cab with PickMe Corporate

PickMe’s Corporate service is the latest innovative service by the company. One that builds on its past successes to help companies streamline their transportation logistics and reduce costs. It’s an evolution of the novel use cases businesses found with its services, such as Trucks, Flash, and its Last-Mile Portal. These services have helped companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency by tapping into PickMe’s fleet of vehicles on demand for their logistics needs. 

PickMe Corporate takes this concept to the next level by offering an all-in-one logistics solution that includes employee transportation, food delivery, and package shipping, all under one portal. This allows companies to have a one-stop hub for all their transportation needs and eliminates the task of managing multiple vendors and services. Additionally, the automation of manual processes, the centralization of transportation logistics, the fleet management feature, and the sustainable approach makes this service stand out among other traditional logistics solutions.

Ultimately, the corporate arm is a novel service by the company that builds on its past successes and helps organizations to streamline their transportation logistics. In doing so, reducing costs, improving efficiency and employee satisfaction while reducing their environmental impact. These benefits, paired with improved fleet management, mean it’s a valuable tool for companies looking to improve their transportation logistics and focus on their core business.

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