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Elevating the Patient Experience: How BISTEC Care is Transforming Healthcare

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the importance of digital innovation in healthcare cannot be overstated. As technology continues to reshape industries, its impact on healthcare is profound, transforming the way medical services are delivered, accessed, and managed. BISTEC Global is revolutionising the medical industry in Sri Lanka with BISTEC Care, a purpose-built medical practice management software for medical clinics and hospitals designed to uplift the healthcare experience for medical professionals and patients. 

BISTEC Care sets itself apart from the everyday appointment platform through its focus tailored to suit small-scale practices. As the healthcare sector grapples with growing demands and complex challenges, embracing digital innovation is considered a necessity to drive progress, improve accessibility, and ultimately save lives. Accordingly, BISTEC Care taps into a critical segment of the healthcare industry – general practitioner dispensaries, which serve as the first line of contact for patients and it empowers these healthcare professionals to create a unique personalised medical experience.

With its innovative features, BISTEC Care directly addresses some of the challenges often faced by smaller-scale medical clinics that impede their efficiency and monthly revenue. Ultimately, this provides a holistic solution that caters to clinics’ and patients’ needs.

For Medical Professionals and Patients

One of the primary challenges faced by smaller clinics is the issue of ‘no patient’ time and cancellations. BISTEC Care’s intelligent appointment system mitigates lost revenue by filling last-minute gaps and ensuring the flow of patients remains uninterrupted. Additionally, the platform can help increase patient loyalty by offering easy access to patient records, enhancing the overall experience and building trust.

Efficient scheduling and resource utilisation are also sensitive operations to such clinics. Limited staff and equipment in smaller clinics often lead to inefficient scheduling, higher overhead costs, and potential profit loss. As a result, the patient experience is affected by longer waiting times and overworked staff. BISTEC Care offers customisable patient booking portals, and number or time slot-based appointments, to manage appointments and patient details, and configure clinics with doctor availability. In doing so, the application empowers clinics to optimise their resource allocation and streamline operations.

For Patients 

From a patient’s perspective, BISTEC Care offers the promise of convenience. Patients can book appointments seamlessly through a web or mobile application, eliminating the need to queue for hours. They can create appointments and bookings through filtered searches for doctors and clinics; which they can then later view, update, or cancel as needed. By updating their profile information, they are also able to easily access and monitor their appointment history. Furthermore, real-time updates on doctor availability enable them to make timely and informed decisions about their medical consultations. Accordingly, their channelled doctors also benefit from being notified well in advance about their medical appointments, further enhancing clinic efficiency and reducing idle time. 

The Journey of BISTEC Care

BISTEC Care’s journey in Sri Lanka began with a vision to leverage the country’s increasing tech-savviness. The exponential growth of mobile phone users in the country, coupled with the popularity of QR codes, paved the way for this digital healthcare innovation. Developed initially for the Australian market, BISTEC Care’s tremendous success there has led to its expansion into Sri Lanka, where it aims to bridge the gap between small-scale medical clinics and modern technology. Hence, the application was designed specifically for use with mobile phones, ensuring accessibility for all. As such, the app offers user-friendly interfaces in English, Sinhala, and Tamil for the benefit of all Sri Lankans. 

At present BISTEC Care is already live with clinics operating in Colombo, Batticaloa, and Kurunegala, with expansions planned into other regions across Sri Lanka. As its customer base continues to expand at a rapid pace, the platform’s potential is making significant inroads into the domestic market. On top of this success, a customised version of BISTEC Care incorporating a student portal is now in use by the Immunology and Cell Biology Unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Notably, the BISTEC CARE app was demonstrated to doctors and clinic owners during field campaigns in Batticaloa and Kurunegala, both of which received positive responses from doctors, which is a testament to its commitment to real-world impact and engagement with local communities. The BISTEC Care team is also engaged in a CSR project for a central hospital in Nuwara Eliya with a queue management solution to ease wait times for its patients.

In essence, BISTEC Care’s evolution in Sri Lanka mirrors a convergence of technological innovation and healthcare enhancement, with the mobile app acting as a conduit between clinics and modern-day digital solutions. As the journey unfolds, the application’s strides in accessibility, partnership-building, and market penetration are indicative of a positive trajectory that holds promise for the broader healthcare arena.

Progressing beyond Appointments: The Future of BISTEC Care

The team at BISTEC Global are looking to further expand the capabilities of its novel medical management platform. Their goal is to evolve BISTEC Care into a comprehensive clinic management software, which will enable clinics and hospitals to build an online presence to manage patient records, streamline billing processes, and optimise overall clinic operations. With goals to amalgamate the rapid advancement of AI and data analytics into their system, these software solutions are poised to become the central hub for all clinic-related activities. As such, BISTEC Care stands as a beacon of progress in the healthcare sector of Sri Lanka, ushering in a new era of medical efficiency and patient care and enhancing the country’s embrace of digital innovation. 

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