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How to Get your COVID-19 Vaccine in Sri Lanka During this Lockdown

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How do I get a COVID-19 vaccine in Sri Lanka? Where are the nearest COVID vaccination centres? These are the questions we’ve all been asking ourselves. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we get vaccinated. Currently, the health authorities have begun COVID-19 vaccinations in Sri Lanka to anyone over 30. Here’s how you can find out where you can get the shot and take a PickMe to get there. 

Where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine in Sri Lanka

COVID-19 Vaccine in Sri Lanka
Vaccination centres in the Western Province

The first part of this equation is finding out where you can get the vaccine. At the time of writing, citizens of the hard hit Western Province are being offered shots of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Sri Lanka. As pictured above, there are 21 centres in Colombo, 24 centres in Gampaha, and 12 centres in Kalutara. 

If you’re living in the Colombo District, you can also use eChannelling to get an appointment at a few vaccination centres. You can click here to view and book an appointment via eChannelling to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Sri Lanka. Before heading to the centre, give a call to confirm if you can get the vaccine. 

Once at the centre, expect to wait a while until it’s your turn. Follow the instructions of the authorities and maintain social distancing while you remain. After receiving the shot, you may have some side effects, which is normal. These side effects are signs that the vaccine is working as your immune system builds a response against the virus. 

PickMe wants to help you get to the vaccination centre

COVID-19 Vaccine in Sri Lanka | PickMe

From the 15th to the 21st of May, PickMe offers Rs. 200 off your ride to get the COVID-19 vaccine. All you have to do is enter the promo code COVAX when booking your ride. 

Already PickMe is one of the safest options to take a ride at this time. The app supports several forms of digital payments allowing you and your driver to minimise contact by not exchanging cash. Further, the ride-hailing company has 7000+ tuks on the road with separators, and drivers of larger vehicles like cars are advised to keep windows open for ventilation. 

PickMe has also gone out of its way to ensure the safety of its driver-partners by helping 800+ get the COVID-19 Vaccine in Sri Lanka and carrying out 100+ random PCR tests. On top of all this, the company has assisted the authorities in setting up temperature monitoring checkpoints in Colombo, Kandy, and Peradeniya. 

COVID-19 Vaccine in Sri Lanka | PickMe
PickMe has taken several steps to be a safer platform for both its riders and driver partners. Among the latest of these is working with the authorities to create temperature monitoring checkpoints across Colombo

With this move, it’s now the safer and cheaper option to take a PickMe to a COVID-19 vaccine. CEO of PickMe, Jiffy Zulfer, went onto say, “We at PickMe value our customers and driver partners highly, and in supporting them, we hope to get Sri Lanka moving again, safer than ever.”

Get the vaccine to protect yourself and others around you

COVID-19 Vaccine in Sri Lanka | PickMe
It’s imperative that all of us get a dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Sri Lanka

Right now, we’re going through a devastating third wave of the COVID pandemic. With the healthcare system close to its limits, it’s on each of us to do our part. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an essential part of that responsibility. It’s equally important to minimise contact and practice social distancing. Taking a PickMe to the vaccination centre and using digital payments goes a long way in minimising contact. Likewise, once at the vaccination centre, be sure to maintain a 3-feet distance and stay safe. Ultimately, being vaccinated not only helps protect you but also others in the community. If you have any underlying conditions, you can consult a doctor and get their opinion before receiving the vaccine.

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