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Lost and Found: How PickMe Makes It Easy to Be Reunited with Your Lost Items

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PickMe Forgotten Items Returned Safely

We have all been there – booking a ride like any other day, only to enter a world of panic soon after getting off. Leaving belongings behind on a cab ride is common and happens more often than one may think. PickMe, Sri Lanka’s leading ride-hailing service, recently surveyed reports of items left behind in its hailed rides.  Results from this survey have shown that almost anyone can have a moment of forgetfulness. Out of PickMe’s most active regions in the country, it was found that items are reported lost most within the Colombo area. Moreover, as Sri Lankans, we love our Friday evenings for apparent reasons. Therefore, it is no surprise that PickMe’s results also show that the peak time for reports of lost items is after 5.00 pm on the last working day of the week.  With this, PickMe also shares a list of the most common things that have been reported left behind by its riders.

Mobile Phones

Once inside the hailed vehicle, riders tend to converse with fellow passengers or even with PickMe’s friendly and conversational driver partners. Disguised as a pleasant distraction, this could lead to the airy putting away of mobile phones and being left behind once the ride is complete. 


Larger wallets usually carried in hand are the second most common item left behind. Currency aside, these include numerous other valuables such as Identity cards, Bank Cards, Licenses, and other access cards. The results show that riders who opt to pay by card have been more victims of misplaced wallets in cabs, as it is not required to complete their trip. 


Following mobile phones and wallets, keys are the other essential everyday carry item that PickMe reports is lost during rides. Be it their house or vehicle keys, riders often realize they are missing an item once locked out, and their ride is long gone, making the recovery process a little more challenging.

Spectacles, headsets, and umbrellas

The most common accessories left behind have been spectacles, sunglasses, and headsets. In addition to these items, the drivers have also found their protective cases on countless occasions. Interestingly, umbrellas have been reported left behind on gloomy days instead of rainy days. Riders step outside expecting rain but are relieved the weather remains clear. This feeling of relief is soon outlived when they realize that it could be goodbye to yet another umbrella.

Documents and files

In a rush to get somewhere important, riders have been seen taking documents in their hands without backpacks or side bags. Much like other items, documents and files are left behind on the vehicle’s dashboard or the rear seat in the rider’s hurry to get off and make it to their next appointment.  

Helmets and shoes

A helmet is not a common item to carry around for most, but bikers too use PickMe to take a break from their two-wheel mode of transport – sometimes forgetting their most crucial biking accessory in the process. Some passengers have also been reported to change their footwear inside the hailed ride. The pair that gets taken off is kept on the vehicle’s floor, making it easier for riders to forget on their way out. 


Let’s admit it – the commute on a hailed ride is a great time to get simple work done with a laptop in hand. Once complete, the laptop is often closed and kept aside to be returned to its bag when closer to the destination. Unfortunately, the journey sometimes doesn’t end there for the laptop and unknowingly accompanies the driver for a further distance.


Like keys, riders often fail to realize they are missing jewelry pieces long after the ride is over. Drivers have also been asked to check the floor and between seats closely, as some items may be small and difficult to spot at first. 

A lost TV, misplaced airline tickets, and other noteworthy reports

In addition to the above, PickMe also shares notable reports of items like a  LED TV, a bottle of Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve, and even air tickets being forgotten in rides. Unlike other ride-hailing platforms, having an active local customer response unit has helped PickMe ensure the utmost support in returning any items left behind to their rightful owners. However, this does not mean riders need not pay attention to their belongings. PickMe strongly encourages all its users to double-check all items on-person before getting off the vehicle to avoid hassle and create a pleasant ride experience for everyone. 

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