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Inside Almaden Towers: A New Horizon for Collaborative Innovation

Nestled within Colombo’s bustling Rajagiriya area, a striking architectural marvel has emerged, embodying a new paradigm for workspaces, Almaden Towers. Built by Almaden International with investment from the United States, it stands as a prime example of technology, innovation, and sustainability over 10 levels. Yet, the vision for Almaden Towers goes beyond being a vibrant office space. Rather, its purpose is to be a haven for a lively community of innovators working together. It’s a place where creative energy combines, ideas spark, and shared dreams take flight. 

Committed to this vision, Almaden Towers was carefully crafted to go beyond typical office spaces. It represents the idea that workspaces aren’t just physical places. From vibrant greenery to spacious offices to informal relaxation zones, the creation of Almaden Towers was guided by a philosophy of positive work environments where innovation and creativity thrive. As the way we work evolves, the building becomes a center where ideas meet, grow, and flourish. Already home to several leading technology companies, Panduka Atukorala from Almaden International in conversation with Arteculate Asia, shares the journey thus far and the future vision of Almaden Towers. 

Almaden International: Building Infrastructure for Innovators

Almaden International, a subsidiary of Zone24x7, was founded by the visionary duo, Llavan and Saw-Chin Fernando. Both entities, based in the United States, have not only played a significant role in shaping the real estate landscape but have also attracted substantial foreign investment into the island nation of Sri Lanka. With a strategic focus on property management, Almaden International has created spaces that resonate with the ever-evolving technology sector.  

For Llavan Fernando, the mission transcends mere business success; it’s about giving back meaningfully to his homeland. Nestled in Colombo’s bustling Rajagiriya area, Almaden International owns two prominent properties that collectively provide a seating capacity for 600 individuals. The latest flagship property in its portfolio is the recently opened Almaden Towers, which encompasses 30,000 square feet across ten levels and has set a new standard for commercial infrastructure. 

Almaden Towers: A Haven for Technology Pioneers 

Almaden Towers stands as a testament to technological integration in property management. The facility boasts an array of amenities tailored to elevate the tenant experience. The seamless integration of technology is evident through the six levels of automated parking, a fully automated building management system, and a comprehensive fire protection setup. The air conditioning systems ensure a comfortable environment, complemented by backup power supplies to keep operations uninterrupted. Among the luxurious offerings are several recreational facilities, including a rooftop café, providing occupants with a space to unwind and find inspiration.

Aligned with their mission to enable innovative collaboration, Almaden Towers was conceived as a haven for the tech sector. With a resolute vision of nurturing a community of like-minded innovators, the space invites individuals and companies to converge, interact, and co-create. Thus, from its inception, every aspect of Almaden Towers was tailor-made to enable a positive environment that nurtures groundbreaking ideas and transformative ventures. Earlier this year, Almaden Towers opened its doors to the technology industry and was greeted with positive feedback. Currently boasting an impressive 40% occupancy rate, the tower has already become a home for local technology companies with an international presence. 

Building Workspaces That Meet the Needs of Modern Companies 

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crisis introduced a period of disarray, prompting companies to adopt remote working practices and reevaluate their office space requirements. However, while beneficial in the short term, remote arrangements proved less sustainable over the long term. Panduka explains this trend, saying, “Due to the challenges we faced the past few years, many companies hesitated to transition away from remote work. But now these companies are realizing that working remotely isn’t a viable long-term option Consequently, a substantial number of these firms are now embracing a hybrid model or even opting for a return to office setups.”

He recognizes that remote working is now a staple of the modern working culture that will exist in all companies. However, there will always be a stable demand for office space because enabling a culture of creativity and innovation requires a heavy degree of physical interaction among employees. Hence, businesses are now reimagining their workspace strategies once again. Almaden International was quick to discern the shifting tide and recognized the increasing demand for office spaces that cater to these evolving needs of organizations as they build hybrid teams. 

Office Spaces Designed to Meet the Evolving Needs of Businesses

To meet these evolving workspace needs, Almaden Towers has meticulously designed its offices. These workspaces transcend the offerings of standard providers by providing more expansive environments conducive to productivity. The facilities of Almaden Towers are underpinned by robust and secure high-speed Wi-Fi infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity with enhanced cybersecurity measures. Moreover, a thoughtfully planned floor layout resonates with positivity, accentuated by abundant greenery, while dedicated pantry areas, conference rooms, and discussion spaces enrich the professional experience.

Delving further, Panduka shares that the expansive workspaces within Almaden Towers are meticulously crafted to strike an optimal balance between lighting and ambience. The tower’s design blueprint reflects a deep understanding of the intricate needs of its occupants. Recreational zones adorned with greenery and plush bean bags offer a retreat for relaxation and informal interactions. 

Customized Positive Work Environments for Any Organization

Acknowledging that every tech company is unique, Almaden Towers has extended the flexibility of customization. In response to individual client requests, specific modifications have been incorporated into the spaces to align with the precise operational needs of the occupant, further enhancing the suitability and functionality of the offices. Further, in a departure from traditional office spaces nestled deep within urban cores, Almaden Towers strategically stands in proximity to residential areas. This strategic location not only reduces the commuting burdens of employees but also fosters a harmonious work-life balance, a crucial consideration in the modern work landscape. 

Complementing the indoor spaces, the rooftop café stands as a communal oasis for all occupants. With seating for up to 100 individuals, this serene locale offers an escape from the office environment, while also serving as an event space for any organization seeking to engage with different communities. Ultimately, at the heart of Almaden Towers’ design philosophy lies a singular aspiration – to cultivate an environment where employees thrive. This aspiration reverberates through every facet of the tower’s design, from open collaborative spaces to private retreats, all working in unison to provide a holistic workspace that supports innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Committed to Making Such Spaces Environmentally Friendly

In a world focused on sustainability, Almaden Towers stands out as a symbol of environmental awareness. The building’s strong commitment to sustainability is shown through various ways, including saving energy, using technology wisely, and managing water responsibly. At the crux of its sustainability endeavours is a strong commitment to energy efficiency. A key part is the use of a fully automated building management system. This advanced system carefully controls power usage by monitoring how energy is used and reducing waste. This smart approach ensures that energy-heavy devices like air conditioning are only used in occupied areas to save energy. 

Further, Almaden Towers’ architectural blueprint aligns with its aspiration for energy conservation. The incorporation of its specialized glass panels contributes to maintaining cooler indoor environments. By harnessing natural light while mitigating heat absorption, these panels significantly curtail the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning, resulting in a harmonious synthesis of human comfort and resource preservation. Finally, a drip irrigation system ensures the vibrant greenery of the building thrives with minimal water wastage. This conscientious irrigation approach strikes a balance between the preservation of green spaces and the responsible utilization of precious water resources.

The Future of Almaden International 

As the chapter unfolds on the remarkable journey of Almaden Towers, it becomes evident that its mission has not only been achieved but has far exceeded its initial goals. Dedicated to providing top-tier office spaces, the tower stands as a testament to the successful convergence of vision and execution. Already, several organizations have embraced the spaces with enthusiasm and positivity. “So we have already begun achieving what we set out to do,” exclaims Panduka. 

What sets this achievement apart is the steadfast reliance on foreign investment from the United States. This infusion of resources has not only revitalized previously underutilized land but also paved the way for generating much-needed foreign exchange for Sri Lanka through the tech companies that now call Almaden Towers home. This symbiotic relationship reflects a significant value addition to the nation’s economic landscape, where underutilized spaces have been transformed into thriving hubs of innovation and economic activity. 

Central to Almaden International’s ethos is an unyielding commitment to understanding the evolving needs of the tech industry. Looking ahead, the immediate focus of Almaden International is set on a resolute objective – achieving full occupancy of Almaden Towers by year-end. Beyond this horizon, Almaden International’s aspirations extend to the creation of additional office spaces beyond urban areas. “Our founder Llavan’s vision isn’t limited to the confines of Colombo. In the future, we hope to venture out and support promising tech talent emerging from other areas of Sri Lanka,” states Panduka. 

Looking towards the future, Almaden Towers aims to be more than just a building. Almaden envisions it as a lively hub where innovators come together to collaborate and create. This spirit aligns with their vision, making Almaden Towers more than just an office space. It’s a dynamic environment that brings ideas together, fosters business growth, and advances the entire tech sector. 

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