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By Arteculate Nov 14, 2022 #Marketrix #Sponsored is a customer engagement and sales platform that allows B2B sales teams to conduct unique sales pitches, presentations, and product demos. It prioritizes customer engagement during the pitch and considers it one of the core drivers for sales success. comes with inbuilt video communication and interactive pitch features, allowing it to replace the need for sales teams to use separate tools for video conferencing and presenting during a pitch or virtual meeting. also allows the customer to interact and engage with the presentation and the presenter. The uniqueness of the platform’s experience allows the sales team member to create a lasting impression on the customer with their pitch.

What’s more, provides a dashboard for sales teams to plan and monitor their progress and improve performance over time through qualitative and quantitative metrics. Today, Marketrix is utilized by leading regional organizations across several industries. In conversation with Arteculate, Founder and CEO of, Irosha de Silva, shared his vision for the platform stating, “With Marketrix, we want to make the sales process more human” as they expand across the APAC region.

A pandemic brainchild: The Marketrix journey

Marketrix | Technology

Marketrix was initiated when the world was experiencing constant and unpredictable lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously, during the early COVID lockdowns, many businesses were forced to resort to video communication software like Zoom and other software for presentations. Unfortunately, this significantly reduced customer marketing experience and left many unsatisfied. Simply put, the sales teams had their hands tied, restricted to only a few simple slide decks on a one-way Zoom call. Thus, Marketrix came in and flipped the script. The platform acts as a bridge for all of these unmet needs.

Moreover, since it has its own in-built video conferencing system and customizable, engaging presentations that can even utilize VR for product demos and Virtual Tours, customers were once again able to feel a connection with the business in a digital environment. Such clever tactics, and a gap in the market filled, were perhaps what led Marketrix to be shortlisted among the top 200 emerging tech innovators in Southeast Asia for the annual Tech in Asia conference this year held in Singapore. A clear acknowledgment of the innovation that this platform brought into the market. 

How Marketrix is revolutionizing customer relations

Marketrix | Technology

What initially began as a means to aid businesses looking to improve their sales pitch and offer a holistic experience to their clients has expanded greatly – bringing in never before seen marketing tactics that will guarantee customer loyalty. Marketrix provides unique benefits to businesses that utilize the platform while maintaining a high-quality experience with their customers. Through the platform, businesses can conveniently send a personalized email scheduling virtual meetings with customers with a secure link that takes them directly to their brand story. Thus Marketrix transforms the virtual sales pitch experience from a one-sided presentation to an innovative experience where the customer can interact with the information and media. 

This level of interaction seamlessly enables the conversation to be an open discussion, making the whole experience far more engaging. With Marketrix, businesses can now conveniently schedule virtual meetings since customers can provide a personalized email and secure link consisting of a unique username and password that takes them directly to the presentation. Further, the platform provides customers with the option of a virtual tour of a business. Unlike the somewhat outdated methods of establishing a virtual connection – via video call, for example, Marketrix’s platform enables a complete exploration of the company and its product. 

Unparallel immersion and interactivity are critical aspects of Marketrix’s longevity. As the world finally moves out of a COVID lockdown state, Marketrix has re-established the trust between client and business while simultaneously reducing acquisition costs. Elaborating on the platform’s positive impact, the Product Marketing Manager at Marketrix, Shawn Moses, added, “After COVID, what essentially happened with a lot of these large businesses was that their potential customers became comfortable closing million-dollar deals via Marketrix.” He acknowledged one of the many advantages of their platform, too, stating that this became the new norm [during COVID lockdowns], and even afterward, it continues to be the same with the growing use of Marketrix.

Enabling businesses to provide a unique experience

Marketrix | Technology

One of the concepts that drove Marketrix was to enable businesses to offer a unique experience when approaching prospective clients. It was built on the belief that a virtual sales experience should rival, if not surpass, that of a physical one. Now that the company has achieved this goal, the platform continues to grow by tackling newer challenges faced by sales teams. As a result, the platform doesn’t see itself struggling or lost in a post-Covid world, having adapted to what we now know as the “new normal.”

Today, can be utilized as a library where businesses can find all their brand assets, including videos, profiles, and even presentations, incorporated in one place. Thus, eliminating the need for multiple tools to conduct a sales pitch. Additionally, the insights and flexibility offered by the platform allow sales teams to adjust and improve their pitches over time using data. So with a few clicks, they can easily have a series of sales pitches for client organizations varying in size and even from different countries. 

While making strong progress in a short time, Irosha states this is still only the beginning. The company is developing more novel features that’ll soon be integrated into the platform. Thus, empowering the sales teams of businesses across the APAC region to deliver an immersive and interactive experience to their customers, in turn, will accelerate the growth of these organizations. 

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