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Creative Software Empowers the Youth for Industry Readiness Through Industry-Academia Partnerships

In today’s knowledge-intensive economy, highly skilled talent forms the backbone of innovation and economic growth. Since its establishment in 1999, Creative Software has emerged as one of Sri Lanka’s most sought-after tech companies. Recognizing the significance of effective industry-academia collaborations in the era of disruptive technologies and rapid progress, Creative Software takes the lead in fostering collaboration across all local universities.

Nurturing Sri Lanka’s Tech Talent

Over the past year, Creative Software‘s extensive university engagement drive has connected with over 5000 university students, making it one of the largest initiatives in the country, particularly in the post-pandemic era.

Regarding the company’s efforts to strengthen relationships with universities, Karen Ebert, Manager of University Relations and Employer Branding at Creative Software, emphasized, “Access to top-quality tech talent is paramount for ensuring the long-term success of our industry. At Creative, we actively recruit talented undergraduates and fresh graduates, offering them invaluable opportunities to work alongside experienced colleagues who provide guidance and mentorship during their early careers. Our strong presence at career fairs throughout the year reflects our commitment to creating as many opportunities as possible for aspiring talent. However, what truly sets us apart is our unique culture, which plays a pivotal role in assisting these young individuals in navigating their path in the exciting tech world. It has been a rewarding journey for me to witness their growth and success, all made possible by the unwavering dedication of our employees at Creative.”

Sparking Curiosity through Engaging Internships

Recently rebranded as ‘Spark,’ Creative Software’s internship program provides 50 interns from various universities with an opportunity to work with experienced tech professionals across different verticals. This comprehensive program immerses interns in the vibrant and friendly culture at Creative Software, providing a well-rounded experience.

 The company actively supports research-based innovation projects at universities, encouraging curiosity, problem-solving skills, and practical knowledge enhancement. Such collaborative initiative with the University of Moratuwa gained recognition at the NBSQA 2022, winning multiple awards for their self-driving technology final year project and the Bronze Award for the Student Research Project of the Year in the Technology Category.

Moreover, Creative Software has significantly increased its new graduate placements by over 60%. This initiative aims to provide employment opportunities for more students after their graduation while offering a hands-on and on-the-job learning experience with global exposure. 

Bridging the Gap and Advancing Together

Creative Software has made noteworthy contributions to enhancing students’ learning experiences at universities across Sri Lanka by providing knowledge resources and IT infrastructure. These efforts include establishing R&D labs at universities and a dedicated lab at the Creative Software office, equipped with flex workstations for students, providing laptops to universities, etc. Additionally, Creative Software has initiated a donation drive to support university students in need by providing daily meals. They have not only motivated the company’s clients but also inspired them to contribute generously to our community, particularly during these challenging times.

Creative Software is dedicated to promoting equal education opportunities for all students through its university outreach program. By engaging more employees as voluntary lecturers, the company aims to expand its reach to universities in the Northern and Eastern regions of the country in the future. This initiative seeks to align education with personal and industrial expectations, ensuring that students are prepared for success in their future careers. Creative Software continues to shape the future of education by creating pathways for a brighter and more empowered generation of learners.

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