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LKR 150 Million Worth of Savings for PickMe Pass Customers

By Arteculate Jun 16, 2023 #PickMe #Sponsored
PickMe Pass

PickMe has reduced the monthly fee by Rs. 200/- for customers using their PickMe Pass service in lieu of their one-year celebration of the launch of PickMe Pass. Customers can now avail themselves of PickMe Pass for Rs. 499/- per month and be eligible for a wide range of services offered by the Sri Lankan app-based ride-hailing company.

“In the past year, we saw a 35% increase in the PickMe Food category, and to share our continued success with our customers, we decided to further reduce the fee. PickMe has enabled customers to save more than Rs. 150 million in the form of delivery and promotions, and we want to help them save more through our membership programme,” says the CEO of PickMe, Jiffry Zulfer.

The PickMe Pass membership programme, launched at the height of the economic crisis, celebrates one year this month. The CEO says the programme has not only benefited PickMe customers but has also helped PickMe merchants connected to the app to revive their businesses which in turn has a positive impact on improving the country’s economy.

By Arteculate

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