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Together We Care: A Better Sri Lanka through Impactful Engagement for Social Good by Creative Software

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Creative Software, a pioneering technology company in Sri Lanka, stands out with a series of impactful initiatives aimed at giving back to the local communities. Guided by the slogan ‘Together, We Care’ these endeavors reflect the company’s unwavering commitment to supporting society and practicing corporate social responsibility. The initiatives are spearheaded by Creative Software’s employees themselves, showcasing their unity to uplift the nation and create a positive impact in the lives of Sri Lankans islandwide. 

Uplifting Communities through an Employee-Driven Movement

According to the Director of Marketing at Creative Software, Peumi Rodrigo, ” Together, We Care is an extension of our company’s brand tagline, Together, We Build; representing the work we do to support the community and corporate social responsibility that encapsulates our culture and spirit of togetherness.” Adding on, she conveys that empowering employees to actively participate in social initiatives and cultivate a sense of shared responsibility is a core company value at Creative Software. The initiatives are executed by the company’s recreation team ‘Fun Squad’ who ensure the entire workforce is engaged in changing the lives of many for the better. Some of them are as follows:

A Daily Meal to Children In Need

One of Creative Software’s biggest ongoing projects entails the sponsorship of 250 children to ensure they receive a nourishing meal every day. This initiative benefits the children and provides a source of income to local households responsible for preparing these meals. By doing so, the company addresses the issue of food insecurity among vulnerable children and contributes to the well-being and economic stability of the local community. Through their shared vision and commitment, Creative Software is making a significant impact on the lives of these children, one meal at a time.

Creative Software’s Annual Blood Donation Drive

In addition to addressing food security, Creative Software actively encourages its employees to participate in the annual blood donation drive. Their collective efforts result in a donation of approximately 40 litres of blood to the Blood Bank each year. This contribution by the company plays a vital role in supporting medical services in times of emergency and saving lives.

A Critical Donation to Apeksha Hospital

Creative Software also delivered an impactful campaign driven by its employees, which successfully raised over 1 million rupees. The funds were utilized to procure essential medical supplies for Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama during the country’s economic hardships. These supplies, which included color flow cytometry reagents and meropenem vials, were crucial in conducting scans and fulfilling the hospital’s daily medicine requirements. By supporting Apeksha Hospital with these essential resources, the Creative Software team demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the well-being and healthcare needs of the community when they needed it the most. 

“Little Hearts” at Lady Ridgeway

Creative Software is also a project guardian for the “Little Hearts” initiative, a national fundraiser dedicated to constructing a Cardiac and Critical Care Complex at Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital. This endeavor aims to save a minimum of 10,000 lives each year and reduce infant mortality rates in Sri Lanka, which are influenced by poverty and infrastructure limitations. The completion of the 12-story building, featuring over 100 ICU beds and child-friendly operating theatres, marks a significant positive for the quality of child healthcare in the country.

Equal opportunities for undergraduate students

Together with its community-focused initiatives, Creative Software actively collaborates with local educational institutions to create equal educational opportunities for all students in Sri Lanka. Through these collaborations, the company provides technical expertise, supports infrastructure development for students, and invests in research and development (R&D) activities. This commitment to empowering the next generation of innovators not only uplifts communities but also contributes to the overall growth and prosperity of the upcoming innovators of Sri Lanka.

Creative Software’s Commitment to Creating a Sustainable Impact

Along with the above initiatives, Creative Software has an impactful lineup of CSR initiatives planned for the upcoming months of 2023. According to Peumi, these projects include quality education, charitable giving, health and well-being, and climate action. She further adds that the company strongly advocates for its employees to play an active role in reducing their carbon footprint. To achieve this, Creative Software actively promotes the adoption of solar and other renewable energy schemes among its employees. By doing so, the company ensures that its environmental efforts extend beyond its own operations, positively influencing the broader community and ecosystem. “Our sustainability goals primarily focus on people and the planet, and we continuously strive to achieve the remaining aspect, which is a collaborative effort involving our clients and employees,” Peumi conveys.  Through such employee-driven initiatives and collaborations with the community, Creative Software exemplifies the power of unity in creating lasting and positive change. With a deep commitment to the growth and prosperity of Sri Lanka, the company takes a prominent role in the technology industry, empowering its employees to engage in more and more social good. 

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