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Insighture – The Workplace to be in 2022

By Arteculate Nov 24, 2021 #Insighture #Sponsored

Over the past decade, technology has become an integral part of our lives. It has made its way into businesses and into the lives of people in ways you would not have imagined 5 years ago. For this, the technology itself needs to have its basics right, enabling it to easily move forward with a company as it grows. This calls for a next-level team to develop next-level technology, bringing it to life behind the code. Since its humble beginnings, Insighture has been building such teams in a uniquely collaborative manner. 

Exploring the insides of Insighture (in case you haven’t already)

The initial team of five at Insighture has grown considerably since its inception.

In a nutshell, Insighture is an Australian-based tech consulting company that is now making its way to the Asian Region with a new base in Colombo. What sets Insighture apart from the other tech companies is its belief in placing its people above everything else. 

Having identified the areas of cloud applications, data science & machine learning as the future of tech in Sri Lanka, the company’s local branch comprises a handful of nerds (the cool kind) who have been recruited from local talent. These tech geniuses provide Insighture with a wealth of knowledge from numerous sectors such as banking, supply chain, travel, data management, real estate, and more. Hence, with the brains of the company now sorted, Insighture is working on their heart; building the best work culture and a ‘people’s brand’ before the next phase of growth planned for 2022.

A Tech Company with a Culture for People, Not Robots!

The founders of Insighture – Arun Datta (L) and Charith De Silva (R)

The Cofounders of Insighture, Arun Datta and Charith De Silva had a vision for a trusting, fun-loving and engaging space that would advance the development of technology in Sri Lanka. What began in 2019 as a team of 5 individuals in a coworking space, has now grown to a crew of nearly 100 tech geniuses with an office of their own and challenging the norms of the digital and corporate worlds. 

As part of their culture, the term ‘resources’ does not exist in the Insighture vocabulary. Rather, everyone is referred to as a ‘team member’, removing any sense of hierarchy within the four walls of the office. Moreover, each member of the team is given room to fail while flexing their creative muscle. Mess-ups are welcome and are a part of growth in the company. As per the cofounders, “There is no strict way for getting things done. We have created a strong level of trust with our team and provide them with all the guidance and freedom they need to succeed on their own.”

Ideas are always flowing at Insighture. All of which are given an equal chance to be presented through internal tech talks, which in turn promotes an environment with greater collaboration and learning. Furthermore, from meetings to outings, all activities are conducted with human centricity, complete with a special discussion on how they may be made ‘more fun’.

The culture within the company is also such that employee success stories are cherished and celebrated. “Achievements need to be celebrated. For instance, when someone graduates, a poster is put up on the company slack channel and bombarded with congratulatory wishes. Or when someone demonstrates company values, we celebrate and reward them,” shares Charith. Thus, life at Insighture throws the definition of ‘corporate’ out the window by instead blending work and play to create a new productive way of living. 

The pandemic has been tough on everyone, and Insighture believes it’s the company’s responsibility to take care of employees. To show their commitment and care towards employees, the company is rolling out a wellbeing program that covers health insurance, counselling, yoga, healthy eating and mindfulness. Wellbeing activities are selected through a voting system that allows team members to have a say in the benefits Insighture offers. At Insighture, “good culture” and “benefits” aren’t just limited to yearly offsites and a ping pong table (which they do also have!).

But what does Insighture do?


Insighture provides its customers with a basket of services from software development and IT support to quality assurance, performance and scale, implementation of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and much more. Anyone working in software would know that developing products and platforms can accumulate significant technical debt. If not addressed immediately, Insighture believes that those small bumps in the road will eventually result in hard to maintain, cost-prohibitive and inflexible products that may not be sustainable in the long run. 

Therefore, the team uses an agile engagement model and human-centred design for the development of new products or upgrading of platforms currently in operation. The first step in this model is to form a deep understanding of the client’s requirements and priorities. After which, success criteria are set up and a development plan is designed with a clear definition of objectives and achievable goals (Remember, each goal is to be celebrated when achieved!). Insighture then joins the client team to create a shared focus on the end goal through continuous improvement and innovation. In the words of Arun and Charith, “We create trusting partnerships with our clients, by empowering our Sri Lanka team to interact directly, openly and regularly with clients. We believe this has been a key factor in our success in this short time.”

Insighture also has an ideas incubator space that runs product innovation programs. This allows teams to get creative with technology solutions and learn bleeding-edge technologies.

The floodgates have opened; the pandemic has supercharged Insighture’s growth and they’re on a massive hiring drive. So if you’re looking for your next opportunity to learn and grow, this might just be what you’re looking for. Look them up at Insighture LinkedIn or drop them a line at

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