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PickMe Pass and Uber One: Exploring Sri Lanka’s Mobility Subscriptions

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In the day and age of convenience, mobility platforms and delivery services have become an integral part of life in Sri Lanka. Currently in Sri Lanka, two companies, PickMe and Uber, the platforms provide a simple solution to obtaining food and groceries, alongside mobility solutions such as ride-hailing and package deliveries. As such, both platforms have now introduced subscription services, which bring several benefits to their customers, making their lives more convenient and cost-effective. But how exactly do they fare in day-to-day use? 

Understanding the subscriptions – PickMe Pass & Uber One 

PickMe Pass, the subscription service by PickMe, entered the Sri Lankan market early in 2022 and is priced at Rs. 499 per month with a 14-day free trial. Consequently, Uber introduced its service in June 2023, named Uber One, with a monthly fee of Rs. 599 inclusive of a trial period of one month. Beyond pricing, a key difference between the two is when you are charged after the free trial ends. With PickMe Pass, your card is charged at the end of the trial period, whereas with Uber One, your card is locked in 2-days prior to the trial ending. 

The common factor between the two subscriptions is they streamline the customer experience and offer free deliveries. Free delivery is especially advantageous for those who frequently rely on PickMe and Uber for groceries, meals, or other essentials. Additionally, subscription services often provide exclusive access to promotions, discounts, and deals from partner merchants, resulting in significant savings over time. The many benefits of these subscriptions have transformed how Sri Lankans utilize these platforms. However, looking beyond the surface, one will find there are distinct differences across services between PickMe Pass and Uber One

Food and Groceries

PickMe Pass | Uber One

Across the board, PickMe Pass surpasses Uber One in value when it comes to the delivery of Food and Groceries. The minimum order value for free food deliveries for PickMe Pass subscribers is Rs. 333. Whereas with UberOne, users need to spend a minimum of Rs. 900 to be eligible for this saving. Similarly, when it comes to groceries, the minimum order value for free delivery is Rs. 999 on PickMe Pass against Rs. 1200 on Uber One. Importantly, PickMe Pass extends free delivery to all merchants, whereas Uber One is limited to a select few that signed up. Finally, Uber One’s discounts for food are fixed at Rs. 500 vs on PickMe Pass, these discounts are varying and reach higher values.  

Ride Hailing

PickMe Pass | Uber One

When it comes to helping you move from Point A to Point B, PickMe Pass and Uber One both offer 5% off on rides. The difference, however, lies in the details of how this discount is offered. PickMe Pass offers a flat 5% discount on Mini, Flex, and Car ride-hailing options. Whereas, Uber One offers 5% cashback, but in the form of Uber Credits on selected rides, which expire within 60 days. Hence, one could argue that while Uber’s cashback approach is helpful for regular users, PickMe Pass’ flat discount benefits a wider range of individuals.

Additional services 

PickMe Pass | Uber One

At the time of writing, Uber One’s benefits are focused on ride-hailing and delivery services. Beyond the cost savings, the service offers priority support and access to top-rated drivers. Namely, the subscription offers 10% off on two rides each for Trucks and Flash services on the PickMe platform. This advantage allows PickMe Pass subscribers to enjoy discounted delivery and moving solutions, enhancing the overall value of the subscription. 

The Final Verdict

While both PickMe Pass and Uber One offer valuable services, PickMe Pass emerges as the more enticing value-adding option due to its comprehensive offerings and value for money. The subscription provides unlimited free deliveries with a lower minimum order value and unparalleled discounts on its rides and delivery services; making it the one-stop cost-effective solution for food, groceries, and transportation in Sri Lanka. 

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